8 Tactical Steps to Celebrate the End of the Year and Welcome the Next

The end of the year is already drawing close. Are you ready to make the most of it and celebrate the upcoming year in all its glory? It’s important to decide how you’re going to close the year, so you can make it count. 

How to celebrate the end of the year: 8 smart ideas to make it count

In these next few remaining days of the year, what are you going to commit to? No matter if you had a loss or didn’t experience everything you wanted, how we walk into December is going to determine how we walk into the New Year. Here are eight tactical tips on how to set yourself up for greatness:

1. Start and end with a celebration

Sometimes we don’t feel like celebrating. But by celebrating your wins, even your small wins, you can drive your passion forward and reignite that spark within you. Create a “small wins” board, either for yourself or for your family. 

Create one for each month and every single day of the week. Across the top row, write down the name(s) of every person in your household, and every single day, have them write down one small win. At the end of the month, you can all read through them and see all of your small wins.

  1. Ask yourself, “How am I going to close the year?” 

That to-do list—those things you said you were going to do this year? Look through them, reflect on what you have done, and cross off the things you know you are not going to get to. Cross off the things you had to change or not do because you reprioritized some amazing things. Create smart goals. 

3. Remember the people you’ve lost along the way.

Think of the people in your life that you have lost over the last year. Write down their names, and then write down how they have impacted your life. Every single day, we are all leaving breadcrumbs for the people in our lives to pick up, whether it’s the way we’ve shown up for them or maybe it’s our essence. Think about and reflect on the breadcrumbs you have picked up from the people in your life that are no longer with you. 

4. Say it out loud. 

Your dreams are worth the bullhorn. You have to discuss them out loud. A lot of the time, we’re afraid to say things out loud because once we do, it makes them real, and we don’t get to hide from them anymore. If you say it out loud or talk about it, somebody is going to hold you accountable for it. Shun your self-limiting beliefs and bet on yourself.

  1. Appreciate a loved one. 

When was the last time you showered love on a loved one? You have to make time for those moments, no matter how big or small. Do something special for someone today. 

6. Deal with your “boxes of overwhelm” 

What is it that is giving you overwhelm in your life? Now, consider what you absolutely must do within that, and then let go of the rest. You are one person. Only do the things that you need to do. You either do it, delegate it, or disappear. 

  1. Call on your strong friends 

There is a reason there are a lot of quotes floating around out there about checking in on your strong friends. Not too many people call the strong friends in their lives just to say, “Hey, how are you feeling?” Check on them and make sure they’re alright. 

  1. Take massive leaps

Leap, leap, and leap some more – make the end of this year count. 

How you mark the end of the year is how you welcome the next one

Make the most of the time left this year; make it count. Remember, we’re winning every single day, good or bad. We gain lessons from each initiative we take, each change we implement, each path we take or avoid, and every goal we achieve.

Tap into the power of communication. Know that people want to help you; they just don’t always know how. You have to communicate effectively to move forward and fulfill your purpose.

Lean into every opportunity; sometimes you don’t know what is already in your way. Greatness awaits you more than you realize.

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