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The Seller’s Mindset: 3 Commandments

You, dear business owner are a sales person. Understand that. Every day wake up and put your sales person’s hat on.

There’s a certain mindset you have to have, if you want to succeed in business.

If you’re not desirous to sell it’s gonna be tough to grow your business.

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How To Better Network at Events

In this article, Ramon Ray, small business expert and author of Celebrity CEO gives his best tips on how you can better network at events.

Events are powerful ways to grow your business. However, maximize your time at the event, don’t just attend and sit in the seat.

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How To Be a Guest On Podcasts

As a consistent podcast guest, I have experienced many benefits that have impacted my personal and professional life along with growing my business exponentially. Being a guest on podcasts has allowed me to increase my visibility and reach a new audience, which has opened up many networking opportunities leading to new business ventures and partnerships. I have been able to establish myself as a thought leader in my field by sharing my knowledge and insights on various podcasts. This has helped me build credibility and trust with my target audience.

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How To Do Your Best In Business

How can you do your best in business? How do you show up ready for yourself and your clients. Here’s a few ways you can.

Your health is essential, how you show up is essential and knowing that the world needs you!

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How To Follow Up with Clients

Following up in business helps maintain relationships, ensure tasks are completed and shows accountability and professionalism.

If you don’t follow up you shouldn’t expect clients to invest in your solutions to their problems. Follow up is a key part of sales.

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9 Ways To Get Attention for Your Business

Getting attention for your business in front of the customers who can buy from you and need your service is ap powerful way to generates ales. Don’t focus first on the sale. First focus on getting the attention of those who have the problem that need your solution. Here’s how you can get attention for your business and brand.

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Compress Time and Do More of What You Love

Time compression is essential if you want to ensure you get MORE done in LESS time so you can have more time to do what you really want to do. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family? Maybe you want to spend more time volunteering? By investing in yourself and your business you can compress time.

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How To Acquire Equity In A Company With No Money Down

You don’t have to directly provide the solutions a company needs, you can identify others who can provide that solution. Your compensation can be in the form of equity in the companies and a finders fee. Building a good B2B referral system can be a powerful way to help others and bring in added revenue.

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