BWC Prime In Detail for BWC Hosts

BWC Prime is an exclusive membership community for inspired entrepreneurs to access premium business growth tools, strategies, and mindsets from a range of experienced experts and industry leaders.

BWC Prime exists so the passionate entrepreneur can stop working alone, but grow quickly, efficiently, and consistently by collaborating with a network of high performing industry leaders.

As a host in BWC Daily, you have a direct connection to BWC Prime as it’s one step away from our daily show listeners and subscribers which currently stands at over 10,000.

BWC Daily was created for inspiration and motivation. BWC Prime is created for collaboration and resources.

If you’d like to make an upgrade from being a BWC Daily host to becoming a Prime expert, here are a few of the benefits you can expect:

Our current BWC Prime offer is:

If you’d like to be a BWC Prime Expert, here are the next steps.

>>> Reach out to Ramon @ with the headline “Prime expert [your first and last name]” and let us know what package of content you’d like to contribute to BWC Prime. A webinar? A challenge? A series of articles? An interview? Let’s get creative!

>>> From there we’ll be in touch and will follow up with exact details on how to best bring you into Prime as an expert if it’s a good fit for you and us!

Ramon and the BWC Team

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