BWC Weekly Recap: What is Your Superpower? and More

The week gone by was very eventful, and the prime focus was on helping you, the readers, understand: What is your superpower? However, it is understandable that you could have been occupied with other things and may have missed some of the sessions throughout the week. Though you would have received some of the posts via email, this is just a summary of the main points that stood out.

Monday: Turn your struggle into your superpower.

What is your superpower? There are tons of successful people on the planet. Look around you, there are some people who have made recognizable impacts and have become influencers in their field. But if you take the time to look through every one of these people, they have one thing in common: they have faced some level of personal struggle that has (at one time or another) broken them. 

However, the difference between a broken man and a champion is that the broken man accepts defeat, while the champion, which is who you are, turns those struggles into superpowers.

Tuesday: Your motivation and focus come from your intention and purpose.

Glenn Lundy mentioned the above statement during his session. Be intentional in what you wish to achieve. Until you do a task with intentionality and purpose, it can be difficult to stay dedicated and devoted to the task or even a goal. 

Wednesday: One big leap leads to many opportunities

Without taking the risks needed, you cannot reach the levels you wish to attain. There are signs of the right time. However, you will only recognize those signs if you are attentive and aware.

Thursday: Podcasts rule!

What plan do you have for your brand this year? Marcus Black emphasizes the importance of podcasts and their potential in the future for a larger reach. Remember that as an entrepreneur, influence is your superpower. Use the podcast platform to reach your audience.

Friday: Failure can be the fuel to move forward.

If you have the right mindset, which you should, see failure as a reason to move forward, not a reason to quit. Cry only because you want to free your mind for the next step, not because you want to give up. 

Conclusion: What is your special ability?

Know your “why” to know what your superpower is. Before you start something, you need to know what you want to do and why. This is where your motivation comes from.


  • Failures are pregnant with lessons. Don’t hate failure. See it as an opportunity to elevate. 
  • There are great opportunities everywhere. But they are not meant for everyone. They are intended for those who are willing to take risks.
  • Be intentional. If you lose motivation and focus on a task or a goal that you have set for yourself, go back to your intention and purpose. That’s where the drive is.
  • Nothing great happens overnight. It will take time and a series of steps (whether calculated or not), but it will surely grow into what you have envisioned.
  • Your influence is your superpower. Leverage the power of social media to influence your audience.

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