Building the Self-Confidence You Need To Succeed

3 Rules of Success by David Hill

Uncertainty is the #1 thing that holds people back, but with these rules of success, you can start to move forward. David shared that for his very first audition, he flew to Austin, Texas. Everything was ready and put in place for the event, except for him. He held so much uncertainty, was so much in his own head that he wasn’t present, felt like his presentation was a disaster, but he went there a second time and failed again. On the third try, it got better. The only thing he did differently was to listen and ask questions. Then he kept showing up and coming back. That is David’s first rule for success in life:

You have to show up

You are setting a goal when you set your alarm the night before. The first of the rules of success is to show up. If you keep hitting the snooze button, you are saying no to the first goal you set for yourself the night before. You give up on yourself before even getting out of bed. Never hit the snooze button. It’s your first win of the day.

Show up 100%

It’s not enough to just show up; the next of the rules of success is to show up 100%. David role-played for 14 years, five days a week. If you want to become really good at something, you have to practice. Every. Single. Day. Make it part of your morning routine. That’s what most people don’t understand. What makes you good at something is that you are willing to learn it daily. Listen. Learn. Practice. Always be prepared to be all in. 

Give, give, give

The 3rd and final rule in the rules of success is all about giving. Are you attracting or repelling the people you want to help? To attract your target audience, you have to show the solution to their problems. If you believe what you are doing can help someone, you will never have a problem reaching out to them. That is why we should think of ourselves as problem-solvers. 

Puting the rules of success together. 

Every time you give, it comes back. You just have to keep showing up because there are things out there that are trying to stop you. Challenge yourself to do that one thing you’ve been putting off. Show up and show up at 100%. All this will give you the certainty and confidence you need to achieve your goals. If you enjoyed David’s rules for success in life, he is doing a special for Good Friday, so if you want to find out more, DM him the word “Sales.” 

Dave’s 3 Rules for Success

  1. You have to show up. Getting up on time is your first win of the day.
  2. Show up 100%. Your willingness to learn it every day makes you good at something.
  3. Give, give, give. Always think of yourself as a problem-solver.

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