The Power of Stories: Building a Story Brand

Building a story brand should be your top priority when building your business. People fall in love with you, not what you do. And they care much more about who you are than what you do. 

At some point, we stop letting people get to know us. We stop helping our audience get to know us. The people we choose to follow we follow because we feel like we are a part of their lives. Most of the time, we don’t actually know them in real life, but we feel like we do.

You are the heart of your business; share your story.

We have to do the same thing online. That means we have to be more vulnerable and allow people to get to know us. Not all stories are meant to be shared publicly. However, sharing our challenges can offer hope to people or your ideal audience in a similar situation. 

The basics of building a story brand.

One of the most essential parts of storytelling in your marketing is to remember that you are not the hero in the story. The only hero in your story is your customer. 

Your brand story needs to focus on the story that your customer is living right now. Having an image and the characteristics of your ideal customer is critical so you can tap into that picture when building your story. Think about what your ideal customer is going through now and talk to them.

Why the story brand is critical for your business.

Storytelling has been the staple of marketing and growth for years. Regardless, the emotional connection our brand story creates moves the needle forward. Your stories are what shape your legacy and impact your future. At the end of the day, you are the heart of your business. People will buy into you and who you are long before they buy into whatever you sell. 

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