Building a brand on Pinterest

Pinterest is a Search Engine Not Social Media

Building a brand on Pinterest can increase engagement with potential customers. Before you can leverage Pinterest for your brand you need to know one thing: Pinterest is not social media

The distinction between a search engine and a social network is essential. People tend to log in to Facebook or Instagram for conversations; however, when they log on to Pinterest, they expect answers, so there is more opportunity for disruption and market promotion. Furthermore, posts on these platforms stay relevant over the long term: a single pin may remain functional for years! This is a great way to grow your email list and boost effective leads.

Start building a brand on Pinterest.

Entering the Pinterest market doesn’t need to be intimidating; it’s pretty easy with the right approach. Many businesses, such as coaches, realtors, physical products, and artists, have succeeded there. 

One of the best strategies is repurposing existing content and driving users toward the “join” button for your email list. Additionally, you should remember that pins may appear on Google, giving you an even greater reach. Following these steps will maximize your chances for success on this platform.

Optimize your Pinterest Pins.

It is essential to have a strategy when building a brand on Pinterest. Searching for keywords relevant to your target customer on Pinterest can boost the success of your marketing goals. Start by typing in key phrases into the search bar – you’ll get a range of auto-filled options that reveal what people are searching for, allowing you to focus on long tail keywords and tailor pins accordingly. Plus, by being as specific as possible with your pin descriptions, you maximize the likelihood of appearing in top positions.

To achieve different levels of success, you have to think differently. 

As your business grows, so do the goals you set for yourself. Start small and work up to more significant challenges. Take inspiration from those who have already achieved success – attend seminars with people at a higher professional level than you to get ideas and advice on how to continue growing your business.

Stay focused on brand building.

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s essential not to take on too many tasks simultaneously. Instead, focus all your efforts on one thing and ensure you achieve results before moving on to other operating areas of your business. 

How to repurpose Your Content for Pinterest: 

One example of repurposing your content is taking a podcast and turning it into a launching point for viewers. 

  1. Transcribe or create show notes
  2. Create a blog from the notes
  3. Use an attention-grabbing image on Pinterest linked to the blog.
  4.  Drive traffic directly to the post
  5. Have a sign-up form to get people to your email list

This creates a cohesive workflow that connects platform to platform and brings customers into contact with your business in multiple ways. Every Pinterest post you make should have one goal to grow your email list. Remember to always lead traffic to your email list. 

Tip of the day: you can use more than one pin per blog. You can have several pints that all point to one piece of content!

The Takeaway.

Building a brand on Pinterest is easy and effective. Pinterest is not social media- it is a search engine. Leads gathered from Pinterest are much more dependable than leads found on social media. Pins on Pinterest last over 1000X longer than content on Facebook or Instagram. Think about it. Your time is valuable. Make the most of it.

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