Lead your life by design - You are the artist of your own life

5 Ways to Lead Life by Design: You Are the Artist of Your Own Life

When experts, coaches and leaders tell you it’s possible to lead a life by design, they aren’t lying. Designing your life is a creative process, and you are the artist of your own life. You can design your life—one that fits your personal vision and values by being creative, taking responsibility, being flexible, and seeking fulfillment.

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two men pondering over questions to ask yourself before you get a mentor

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Hire a Life Coach

Before you get a mentor, the least amount of preparation you need to do is prepare some questions to ask yourself and do some self-evaluation. Regardless of the number of times you fail, be determined to get up and get a mentor to help you grow, because you love yourself. Know that you deserve to be best version of yourself.

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