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Corporate Family Values: The Difference Between a Good Company and a Great Company

Businesses operate as a money game, whereas in reality it’s a people game. The phrase “It’s business; it’s not personal” is misleading and incorrect. Business is personal. A company is only a reflection of its people’s collective actions and thoughts.

Hire people based on their character, not just their credentials. It’s crucial that you instill life skills, not just job skills, in your company.

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Man Reading and resolving how to find certainty in uncertain times

The Importance of Pausing to reflect in a World Defined by Busyness

Pausing to reflect on your relationships with others, your work, your purpose, and your well-being is imperative. It can help you make healthier decisions, produce creative ideas, and improve your quality of life and relationships.

Afterall, you can’t build a plane while you’re flying it. How do you know what you’re going to do next if you don’t stop and readjust your focus?

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