Be Authentic: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Everyone talks about embracing who you are and being authentic to find yourself. Authenticity is undoubtedly very powerful; you can only go so far when you are fake. Indeed, your vibe attracts your tribe. 

But if you are being honest, it is not easy to look within yourself and come up with a full list of who you truly are after five minutes of contemplation. Sitting down to consciously reflect inward isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds. But this is the answer to what you’ve been looking for all your life. You are who you attract; there are no two ways about it! Boom! See how this realization works for you.

Your vibe attracts your tribe: Who you attract reflects who you are

Start by asking yourself a question real quick:

If you love to talk about politics every day, you are faced with two groups to join. One is titled “POLITICS ALL DAY,” and the other is about vegetarians and gardening. Which group would you join? The best guess is that you’ll choose the first group.

Consider yet another poll. List some celebrities you identify with on your social media page. If you answer honestly, you’ll find that they have one or a few things in common with you or that they have the qualities that make them attractive to you. These could be sports legends, fashion icons, singers, or maybe even presidents and other leaders. 

The truth is that humans are inherently social beings, and we like to hang around those who seem like us or inspire us. So if you took this concept, turned it around, and imagined yourself to be a celebrity, you’ll see that people who follow you are interested in what you do because they think you are like them. 

In other words, the people you attract reflect who you are.

What if you don’t like who you attract? Reflect and make changes

Have you examined your immediate social circle and found something you don’t like? Is your social circle filled with people you don’t want to be like? Then the solution is not to look for new friends but to change something within yourself. That is a sign that you are not being true to yourself. Something somewhere is not real, and that is what people are seeing. 

So, if you prefer hoodies and sneakers but your friends prefer heels and makeup, double-check your surroundings. It’s likely that you, too, love wearing heels and makeup. 

No one can tell you what you are lying to yourself (and the world) about. But if you are faking something, the world will see it, and your social circle (who you attract) will reflect it. 

Be authentic to allow your vibe to attract your tribe

You have already figured out that something is amiss in your social circle, or that maybe you don’t like your social circle. Look for people you admire and feel most comfortable being around. 

Seek to attract people who allow you to be authentic, while elevating you toward greater pursuits at the same time. Use their personality as a guide. Don’t copy them; instead, emulate the values you admire most in them.

Slowly retreat from the bad company and toxic friends in your life, and surround yourself with better, more reliable people. Lose things that feel fake to you, including mentalities, accents, and walking styles—down to the last element. Then, embrace the new you and grow into it. 

Keep in mind the following key factors as you proceed to attract who you are:

  • Be authentic to attract people who are the best fit for you. 
  • You can’t attract the best if you aren’t the best. To attract the new, you have to be the new!
  • If you are fake, you will attract a lot of fake people. Stop being fake, because people know. 
  • How to test your authenticity:

           Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you be vulnerable? Can you fall and get back up without feeling overwhelmed, like all your secrets have been revealed?
  • Do you have that voice telling you that you are lying to yourself?
  • Are you happy with the people around you?
  • Did you reach your goals? 
  • Do you already know who you are? Then do the following:
    • Be intentional when trying to attract those who are right for you.
    • Be ready before the opportunity comes. You won’t have time to prepare when it comes.
    • Open the door to opportunities. Your vibe attracts your tribe.
    • Grow. Desire to elevate; desire to be the best.
    • Put in the work.
    • Collaborate with others.

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