Being Purpose Driven in a Sales-Driven World: 10 Tips on How to Sell More Effectively and with Purpose

Being purpose driven matters not only in life but also in business. As the great entrepreneur Richard Branson said, “The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit.” 

If you’re leading with purpose, you have the upper hand. Customers and clients can relate to your story and are drawn in by your mission. Knowing the impact that their purchase is having means that investing in you feels so much better than supporting a business that is driven purely by profit. But in order to do this, you need to know who you are, what you are selling, and who you actually serve.

10 tips for selling more effectively with a purpose driven approach

Purpose matters for people and organizations. It’s important to drive with purpose and destination: This is where I want to go, and this is how I’m going to get there and get there faster.

Here are 10 tips on how to effectively sell with a purpose driven approach:

1 – Network within your industry

The more you network within your own industry, the better you can effectively serve your own clients. People often operate from the scarcity mindset and are afraid to network within their own industry because they are looking at them as competition. Instead, you should be looking for people within your industry who are “competitors” but who can also be collaborators. 

2 – Social Media and online marketing

One of the most effective ways you can actually sell these days is to use social media and online marketing. Purpose driven means having an impact in your community over being sales driven. But it’s important to be thoughtful about how you use these platforms as tools and be mindful not to let the platforms use you.

3 – Offer exceptional customer service

This is where a lot of people fail because they don’t deliver on their promises. They tell clients, “this is what it’s like to work with me,” but then they drop the ball when it comes to actually working with them. Don’t think about what you want from the relationship. Think about what the person you’re serving wants from the relationship. What questions can you answer for your clients? Pay attention to what your customers’ needs are before they even know they need them.

What is happening in your industry? People will pay you if you’re an expert at what you do.

5 – Follow up with people consistently

A lead is someone you’ve never met or talked to before, so you need to ensure you are reaching out to them right away. Follow up with people faster than they follow up with you. They shouldn’t be chasing you down for information.

6 – Utilize your referrals

Your past clients are one of your most powerful tools. You need to turn them into superfans. It’s important to value your client as much as they value you. It’s not about monetizing; it’s about following up with them so that you can be the person that you want to be. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals! When you have a strong understanding of who you are and where you’re going, asking for what you want and need will get easier.

7 – Leverage your personal brand

If you don’t have a personal brand, start building one today. Your personal brand is who you want to be. 

8 – Get involved in your local community

Content creation is no more than documenting what you’re doing. It’s helping your audience and potential clients to establish who you are by getting to see behind the scenes. Doing an Instagram story about your favorite local coffee shop that you love going to, and then tagging them in it, and telling your followers to go see them is a way to get involved. As you build those relationships, it builds your network. 

9 – Offer value to your clients

This is a super hack. If someone reaches out to you cold, the best way to convert that lead is to give them what they are asking for and then some. All too often, people don’t lead with value. They are so worried about their own world and counting their money that they don’t think about the value of the individuals they’re working with. You make money from what you’re doing, but you become wealthy through the opportunities your relationships bring you. Always overdeliver on the value.

10 – Start the cycle again

Always be educating yourself. Write down in 60 seconds where you want to be in 24 months, and then line up all of your education with that.

Conclusion: The power of being goal oriented

At the end of the day, purpose improves brand loyalty and impact. But more important than sales or branding is the potential impact that your purpose can have. Spreading the message of your cause and who you are is the real power of a purpose driven brand.

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