Behavior Modifications to Help You Better Understand Your Inner You

People are always showing you who they are, and if you learn how to pay attention, you can also see how your inner you presents itself to others. As humans, we judge ourselves and others by the little choices we make every moment of every day. Sometimes we try to tell others we are different from how our actions present ourselves. Similarly, others try to tell us who they are, while their actions say otherwise. To present yourself as you truly are, you must first get to know your inner you. 

Don’t misread someone’s reaction.

In 90% of situations, somebody’s reaction has Zero to do with you and everything to do with them. Even if somebody responds with a snarky remark or something unkind, it isn’t against you. It may feel like it’s about you, but it’s not. Don’t let your ego try to make it about you. In reality, it’s that person telling us more about themselves. If someone is unkind, it’s because they have pain they are holding onto that was triggered by the situation. 

View your inner you as a third person

If you take a step back and look at every part of your day, you will realize that each piece tells you a little about yourself. What you are currently reading, watching, eating, and spending time on tells you what is going on with your inner you. If you can look at yourself as if you are a fly on the wall, you will be able to figure out your own behavior and habits to see why they exist. 

The process of growing your inner you

As you get to know your inner you, you may notice parts about yourself that are no longer serving you. These parts of yourself must be released before you can change the actions they drive. However, before releasing it, you must approach it with gratitude. 

Every single thing exists for a reason, even the not-so-pretty things. When we can honor the behavior and recognize that it has served us in our journey but is no longer needed, we can release it. Once we release it, we create a new behavior that will help us become a better version of ourselves. Remember, you can’t remove it with shame. Shame has never served anyone. Shame is the vibration slightly above death.

Serving the inner you.

It’s not what you do; it’s WHY you do it. Every single person in your life represents something or an aspect of you that you are learning. Everything is an inside journey, but you must first recognize the pattern or behavior and then find where it’s rooted and what it is attached to. If you can’t understand what you are feeling, you can’t use the skills to change it. 

You have a choice. We all do. Not choosing is also a choice. We are all constantly evolving into who we are destined to become. The longer it takes, the more painful it is. Stop resisting, let go, learn, and grow.

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