Become a Public Speaker and Use Your Story to Elevate Your Brand to the Next Level

Speakers often talk from the head or the heart, but to be a great public speaker, you need to speak from both. A good speaker and storyteller can touch the audience and reach them like no other, and the most powerful way to do that is to use your story.

How to use your story as a public speaker

Public speakers are leaders, and the best ones will tell you to share your story. Once you start sharing your story, it can lead to becoming a paid public speaker as you begin to build your brand.

You have failure and success, and people can relate to that. The most sought-after storytellers connect with the emotion their audience is feeling. If you want to lead people out of pain, you need to share your pain and how you came out of it.

Discover the power of your story

A common fear when someone is starting out as a storyteller is that they are going to trauma dump as they tell their story. This is why it is essential to process your pain by examining the pain you experienced. You can get both the learned experience and the lived experience when you process it.

Look at what you thought, said, felt, and did, and create a story structure. Without structure, you will trauma dump. The best way to connect with your audience is to use the format because it helps with your journey. Embody the pain you were once in and create a visualization. Express the power and wisdom that came from your experience, allowing your audience to feel what you were feeling. You need to align with that energy to connect with the audience. Practice, cultivate, and speak from that space.

How to build confidence as a public speaker

You cannot get caught in the trap of playing the comparison game. Develop an awareness of who you are, and watch yourself on film. That is how you start to grow your confidence and eventually build your brand as a storyteller. 

Look at what you do that is unique and what you have done well. We are conditioned to see what is wrong, but we must focus on what we did right. 

Conclusion: The power of using your story to build your brand

Becoming a public speaker can be intimidating. You may struggle in the early stages, but you need to believe that your story is worth sharing. As the saying goes, your misery becomes your ministry. Get in the game and start sharing your story.

There is a true art to being a storyteller: “Never make a point without telling a story, and never tell a story without making a point.” You never know what lives you will touch with your story. 

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