Be Your Own Boss: What You Need To Know To Build Net Worth

If you want to build a legacy, why not start by choosing to be your own boss? When you think of legacy, you often think of money or “net worth.” But most don’t know how to build net worth. How do you reach your legacy number from where you are now? A lot goes into building a company because of its time and ability to generate money. But there are ways to speed up the process. 

Phase 1 Trade Money for Skills

Understanding sales is the fastest path to building your net worth. You want to be in a results economy, not a time/effort economy. In a results economy, everything is commission-based. You lose income when you lack the skills needed to land the deal.

Invest in growing your skillsets to be your own boss and build your net worth quickly. Buy a course when you know you need the answers. You can learn the hard way through trial and error. Or, you can learn from other people’s past experiences and skip trial and error altogether. 

Phase 2 Trade Money For Time. 

Audit your time. You may take on most of the tasks yourself when you first set out to be your own boss. But, as your skillsets grow, you can begin to trade money for your time. Get assistants to do the work you are not passionate about. You are in control. 

How to be your own boss:

  1. Delegate yourself out of a job: Train people to do the jobs you don’t need to do.
  2. Use automation for client acquisition and product delivery.
  3. Get out of the way and let other people shine. Encourage employees to take on leadership roles.
  4. Use videos to promote yourself and your business on social media.
  5. Create an ebook, build credibility and grow an email list.
  6. Use videos in follow-up emails to build the trust factor. 
  7. Create a Google ad campaign to bring interested customers directly in. 
  8. Launch a webinar to talk to a large group of your desired clients on a larger scale.  

Be your own boss to grow your net worth.

Be your own boss: trade money for skills and money for time. Learning sales is an essential part of any business. Learn from others so you can avoid the same mistakes. Trade money for skills and time. Delegate to others to get back time. These phases don’t end but instead continue in a cyclical pattern. Each day you grow your net worth a little more. 

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