Be Thankful For What You Got

Sharing Thanksgiving Stories

Sharing stories of what your Thanksgiving looks like can be very different from that of others, but it enables you to be thankful for what you got. Whether you spend it with family or go to a friend’s house, it is about coming together to celebrate. You may have different things to be thankful for. You may be cooking or maybe just bringing the desserts, but together you will give thanks and be grateful. 

Be thankful for what you got: Four things to be thankful for

You can find gratitude in everything surrounding you, but here are some things to be thankful for:

  1. Business

Business can be a way to show gratitude because you solve problems and help people. Good and bad things can happen simultaneously, so even in their doom and gloom, you can provide a service that satisfies their needs.

  1. Music and sports

Music is a universal language, and sports unite the world. Sharing your passion for either or both is a form of gratitude; when you share your love, you share a part of yourself.

  1. Service to others

Serving the needy is another way to be thankful by giving to those less fortunate. 

  1. Food and community

Be grateful for food and community. The smell of the turkey and other prepared dishes, the table settings, and the people around them are all things to be grateful for.

Takeaway: Be thankful for what you got

Reach out and thank the people who helped shape who you are today. It could have been a friend, teacher, colleague, or boss. Giving them feedback on how they influenced your life is a small act of gratitude. Everyone is a part of our development, and we must let them know how grateful we are.

Remember to:

  • Always have an attitude of gratitude.
  • Thank someone for their influence in your life.
  • Find the gratitude in all that surrounds you.
  • Appreciate the little things, like the smell of food cooking.
  • Gratitude can be found in business.

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