Be a Light of Healing, Health, and Wholeness

As you start your day, week, month, or year, be a light to the world around you. You are the only you that ever was or will ever be. How you see yourself affects the light you can shine for others, so know that you are worthy and essential to the world. To see yourself the way the world sees you, you must first let go of the subconscious negative, self-limiting beliefs you hold on to. Let those thoughts go and see for yourself just how bright you can shine. 

Your subconscious mind listens to the negative things you have been told about yourself and uses these self-limiting thoughts as an anchor, keeping you stuck. Surrender the perspective of who you are performing for. The negative self-talk, “People aren’t going to accept me. What am I doing? Who do I think I am to try?” These thoughts hold you back from who you were truly meant to be. 

Sit with your mind and be aware of why we are concerned with what other people think of us.

Be a light and rock your splendor. 

You are holding back if you aren’t expressing your splendor. The light brings you legacy. Leave the luggage behind and allow new things into your life. The more you carry with you, the heavier your anchor will grow. Forgive others so you can let go. Forgive yourself for performing for the audience. 

How you see yourself determines the brightness of your light.

When you are in the realm of possibilities, you operate in your divine identity’s fullness. You have leveled up. At this moment, who do you see? Stare into your eyes, paying attention to your smile, posture, and heart. You must be that person. That person is just as real as the 5yr old you. The future version of yourself is as real as the child. The darkness may try to stop you, but you are powerful. 

When we strip away the performance and the lies, we can soar. Raise the anchor of self-doubt, and you will have a limitless horizon. Who am I? Who do you think I am not? 

The lies in the subconscious audience hold you back. Fear comes from the feeling of powerlessness. The light in you is the answer. Be a light to yourself and to the world around you. Begin to see what you have produced. The second you see your power, you will see your potential. Choose life abundantly.

You cannot be the solution until you see for yourself who you are.

You are part of the solution, but if you aren’t acting on it, you are part of the problem. Seeing yourself as powerful is not egotistical. The darkness speaks lies, and the light provides the truth. You are a solution. Tell yourself, “I will not resonate with foolishness.

You have to see yourself first. You have a reason to rise up. Truth brings joy. You are incredible. You have immense worth. Collaborate with who you are. The wholeness is the process of knowing your purpose and having a plan to implement.

Being the light to see yourself clearly.

Any time you speak or make a post, you are reaching someone’s soul. You are bringing the light to someone else. The souls on social media need you, so don’t care what your critics say. Show up as the person you saw in the mirror. Answer the call to legacy and make the moves to be the person you were meant to be.

See for yourself who you are first, and know that you are powerful. Your power is in how you see yourself. Ignore the critics because they are just trying to stop you. In the light, there is truth. When you are whole, you know your purpose and act on it. Let go of the anchor that is holding you back.

If it is meant to be, it is for me.” Who you listen to, you learn from, and that is who you become. Be a light and build the empire you are destined to have.

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