Be A Go-Giver: Shifting Into A Higher State of Giving Will Shift Your Destiny

It’s crucial to be a go-giver. When we live in a state of uncertainty, we need to start shifting into a higher state of giving. By shifting into a higher state of giving, we shift our destiny.

How to shift into a higher state of giving?

Here are the 5 laws of giving from the book The Go-Giver by Bob Burg:

  1. Law of Value. Always give more in value than you take in payment.
  2. Law of Compensation. Your income is determined by the impact you make. The bigger the impact, the more you earn. So, how can you use your gifts to serve people and impact them in a dynamic way?
  3. Law of Influence. You can tell someone is a giver by their energy. What if you focused on putting others first? This way, you also build your reputation as a giver. 
  4. Law of Authenticity. The biggest and most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself. 
  5. Law of Receptivity. In order to give, you must also be open to receiving. 

These five rules will help us give more wisely, more genuinely, and more thoughtfully.

Your presence makes a real difference in others’ lives when you are authentic. Networking can be an amazing and insightful experience because you can make life-long friends while learning and collaborating. Giving is about connecting. It is about getting out of your own way and giving value to others. 

Our actions are truly at the core of how we see ourselves. And how we see ourselves determines how we act. So, how do we rewire ourselves and our reality? By working on our higher level of identity and creating a state of abundance. Start by working toward finding your genius

Takeaway: be a go-giver

  • By shifting into a higher state of giving, we create a new destiny for ourselves and others.
  • Whatever you are at right now, think about who you could give to, who you could invest in, and how you can build trust. 
  • Get out of your way and be blessed but also bless others.

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