Build Confidence and Overcome Fear


Confidence and fear go hand in hand. If you have no confidence, you probably have a lot of fear. If you have a lot of confidence you have a lot less fear. What can you do to live life with with less fear and more confidence?

How to Be A Successful Entrepreneur: Take Risk, Not Chances

Young Entrepreneurs Celebrating Success.

Entrepreneurship involves honing your risk taking abilities to reap rewards. It always takes courage to step out of a place of comfort and step into the unknown. But if the step is calculated rather than based on a blind decision, you have nothing to lose. The key is to take risks, not chances.

Set Your Goals Right: Gaining Clarity on Mission, Vision, and Values

Goal setting with mission and value statement

There are three things you need to put in place if you wish to leave the rocking chair and set your goals right: vision, mission, and values. A leader without a clear vision is going nowhere. A vision without a mission most likely will not be accomplished. A mission without a strong set of values would be distracting.

How to Organize Your Life: 7 Organization Tips by Experts

Different aspect of an organized life

Organizing your life is the core of progress, as it enables you to make the most of your time and resources, in addition to boosting your productivity. Ask yourself why being organized is an important skill to learn for you this year. Here are some useful tips on how to organize your life and workspace.

Be Authentic: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

A man hiding behind a mask to avoid attracting his kind

Authenticity is undoubtedly very powerful; you can only go so far when you are fake. Indeed, your vibe attracts your tribe. You are who you attract; there are no two ways about it.
Seek to attract people who allow you to be authentic and yourself while elevating you toward greater pursuits at the same time.

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