Becoming Mentally Strong: The Role of the Mind in Achieving Greatness 

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Developing a mentally strong mind is vital to overcoming challenges and setbacks. In the end, mindset is everything. Living an exemplary life requires you to have a mentally strong mind. Get your life in order, maintain your sanity, be honest with yourself and keep doing the work. With all these in place, success is only a matter of when not if.

Find Your People: The Power of Community

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The most essential thing in life you can do is find your people. We all yearn for some connection, but misconceptions exist about building meaningful friendships and communities. Finding your people and building a community requires deliberate action. You have to put yourself out there. But putting yourself out there can be challenging.

Make a Difference This Year: Leave a Legacy built on Relationships

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It’s easy for us to get caught up in the notion that in order to create an impact or make a difference in our lives, we have to be isolated from others.

You cannot excel at entrepreneurship and leave a legacy alone – find the people that will cheer you on, hold you accountable, and support you.

Be Grateful Everyday: The Science of Gratitude Practice

A grateful man in his moment

It’s important to be grateful every day, not just on Thanksgiving. Express gratitude for the people who have made your life better, and express it directly to them. Remember to love yourself unapologetically.
Adopt new behaviors as a result of interacting with those who have helped you in your life and along your journey.

Leaving the Comfort Zone: Why We Pretend Not to Know?

Leaving the Comfort Zone: What Are You Pretending Not to Know?

Why is leaving the comfort zone so crucial? We pretend not to know a multitude of things so that we can stay comfortable. The truth is that success doesn’t result from being comfortable!

The true mark of greatness is when you continue to show up and do the work, no matter how hard the journey is.

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