Embrace Your Power: It’s Up to You 

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Your world is built around every conversation you have – including the conversations with yourself. Consciously or unconsciously, it defines who you are, your thoughts, your reactions, your actions, and even your identity. While it might seem difficult to change what happens in the unconscious mind – it is not impossible.

How to Be Present: The Power of Awareness in Your Relationships

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If you want to build healthy relationships and make meaningful connections, you have to understand how to be present in the moment. We all crave connection. We are born with a sense of insecurity which causes us to lack connection to our true spirit. Presence awakens and strengthens our awareness and connection to our spirit.

Speak Your Truth: 9 Reasons to Share Your Story 

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It takes courage to speak your truth and show the less-than-perfect parts of yourself to others. However, it’s important to be your most authentic self and share your story with others.

When we create communities, we create a connection as well, as everyone in the same vicinity feels loved and heard. In this way we receive strength from each other.

Unlock your Potential: 16 Ideas for Stimulating Personal Growth

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Personal growth goals are unique to the person setting them. They differ from person to person, depending on each person’s life goals.
Unlocking your personal growth journey requires you to get out of your own way and lean into the unknown. Explore things that scare you and leave your comfort zone. Leaning into curiosity will take you to the life you want.

Be a Deep Thinker and Find Your Clarity 

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Lack of clarity keeps people stuck, but if you can learn to be a deep thinker, you can find clarity in your life. Clarity comes to you when you least expect it. You need to devote time to discovering your why. Success means something different to different people. The universe responds well to action. You need to acknowledge small wins.

You Are What You Think: 4 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way

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Oftentimes, you’re held back by your self limiting beliefs, and the only way to move forward is to get out of your own way. Know that your thoughts shape your life.
To fully open yourself up to receive all the good life has to offer, it’s time to call your fear out. Refuse to play small; take a risk by opening yourself up to receive more in your life.

Practicing Gratitude Year-round: Making Gratitude a Lifestyle

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Practicing gratitude year-round, and not just during the Holiday season is what makes a significant impact.
Cultivating a gratitude mindset will directly improve the quality of your life. Look for ways that others in your life are blessing you, and go out of your way to tell them.

Stand Out on LinkedIn: Best Practices by Shanee Moret

Tips to stand out on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, people want to expedite learning. They want to know how your experience is going to help them succeed.

LinkedIn offers more stable connections and engaged audiences than any other platform. Less than 5% of people on LinkedIn currently post original content, opening the door for you to stand out.

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