Surrender to God: How to Move Forward in Life and Overcome Tragedy

Glowing palms or hands against a dark background, signifying importance of surrender to God

Surrender to God enables us to walk free of suffering and grief. It means demonstrating unwavering faith in His plans and confidence in His promises.
Tragedy happens everyday. But, even through heartbreak and loss, God is with us. Provision is not about wealth but about sustenance. Even the holidays have intention. We can’t stop; always move forward.

Ideas for Effectively Connecting With Your Audience

A group meeting or a conference, symbolizing Connecting With Your Audience

Connecting with your audience on social media isn’t always easy, but it is crucial for success.
As you strive to connect with your audience, remember to be authentic.

Bring your unique gifts to the forefront. Lastly, share relatable content based on your own experience.

Take Control of Your Success to Move From Happenstance to Hope

An accomplished, happy woman showing how to take control of your success.

You need to take control of your success to be able to navigate from happenstance to hope. When you focus on other people’s lives, successes, or businesses, you bring negative energy into your heart.
Your happenstance is where you are, and what you lack – hope – is what you still want over your happenstance. Hope is used to propel you forward or up your ladder.

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