5 Reasons for Being a Published Author: Building Business Credibility

be a published writer to build credibility and grow your business

Being a published author or being a part of an anthology can be a powerful way to grow your business, regardless of the industry you’re in. Writing a book can help build your brand by associating your business with a specific topic or industry. It can also be a way to show off your company’s unique approach or philosophy.

Why Your Networking is Killing Your Life & Business

networking the right way

How can you network the right way? Networking poorly can hinder your business and your personal life. Here’s how successful networking can connect to God’s design for you. Let this article help you network better – in business and life.

Connecting People, Plans, and Prosperity: Leveraging Human Connection to Grow Your Business

Different individuals leverage on connection for business growth

It’s important to remember that to grow your business, you need to be good at connecting people and leveraging human connection in the form of employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Bringing people together also gives them a sense of belonging and purpose, which makes them more engaged and loyal. What is your plan for connecting people and growing your business?

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts: Five Teachers Who Can Change Your Life

Man meditating to find himself and gifts

The meaning of life is to find your gift. There are many benefits to reading books that can change your life, including gaining a deeper understanding of life and evolving your mind. If you’re looking for inspiration regarding how to discover your spiritual gifts, check out these five teachers who will help you find your faith and open your heart.

Health is Wealth: Importance of Sound Health in Ensuring Productivity 

Healthy meal prepared for consumption

Health is wealth, and while mind training is essential, it’s not always enough to train your mind. The good thing about life is you have the power to make choices. Choosing what path to take regarding treating your health depends on you. Choose today to make away with habits that do not directly contribute to you living a healthy life.

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry: How to Slow Down and Simplify Your Life

Man on a skate hurrying to work

Most people can probably agree that the speed of our lives is becoming an ever-increasing problem. We are overworked, overcommitted, overtired, and overwhelmed. We simply aren’t taught to slow down. Here are four areas of your life to look at and guide you in taking steps towards a less hurried life that is more present.

The 4 Quadrants of Life: Setting Priorities to Be More Productive

Hand holding a wall clock

The key to managing time is setting priorities correctly. Time is a precious resource that can often be difficult to manage. In our society, it’s become glamorous to be busy. But that doesn’t mean we have to be. As we move into the following year, we must reflect on the past year and consider what we could have done differently.

Take Control of Your Personal Power: Let the Ego Drive Your Evolution 

a hand holding lightening as a form of personal power

Pushing your ego down and letting others take wins or resources they need can become a habit. But ego is not always bad. “Stand your ground for righteousness for your self-protection for sanity.” From the outside looking in, it sounds narcissistic. However, in reality, you are in the process of evolution and building your personal power.

Let Go and Let God Guide You To Your Purpose

A hand letting go of the butterflies

The ego holds us back. Our ego stops us from taking risks and betting on ourselves. The ego thinks of “popularity” as a selfish accomplishment. We have to let go and let God guide us to our purpose. Even Jesus had followers- the perspective of the “follower” matters. Be popular for a purpose, not for you. Don’t let ego drive you, and others will flock.

Have Faith in God’s Plan for You

A bible verse asking you to have faith in God's plan for your life

We all have unique gifts that are needed in the world. Before you focus on your business, find out how to serve others through your gift. Building your business comes before success. Success is not in dollars but in sustenance. Serve others, and you will find your sustenance.

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