How To Acquire Equity In A Company With No Money Down

merger and acquisition

You don’t have to directly provide the solutions a company needs, you can identify others who can provide that solution. Your compensation can be in the form of equity in the companies and a finders fee. Building a good B2B referral system can be a powerful way to help others and bring in added revenue.

Hey You, You’re Finally Awake: How to Awaken Your Superpower with PIGG!

Awaken Your Superpower with PIGG!

Hey you, you’re finally awake! Imagine if 10,000 people woke up with a goal already set and the passion for accomplishing that goal – with a plan in place, lacking nothing needed. Think about how the world would be better. What if that 10,000 begins with you and the people you inspire are those closest to you?

Let’s Get Down to Business: Vision, Mission Statements, and Value Propositions

Let’s Get Down to Business

For creating a successful business and scaling in life, you need to know how to write a mission and vision statement that amplifies your purpose. The vision statement is your goal for the future. A mission statement is the purpose of your vision. Your value proposition is the positioning statement for your business.

Get Organized on the Inside: How to Let Go of Things and Pull Yourself Together

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Letting go of things that no longer serve you can be difficult in order to get organized on the inside. However, internal organization is key to taking charge of your life and creating a happier, more fulfilling existence. Getting organized also entails making time for yourself. Pull yourself together and prioritize your needs.

The Ideal Life Is Within Reach: Build Your Empire the Right Way

Man standing close to his building

Your empire should reflect yourself and your ideal life. Your empire doesn’t have to be extravagant. So the question is not necessarily about going out to create any empire but how to build YOUR empire. Living life to the fullest is possible when you live authentically and know what happiness is for you.

Embracing Authenticity and Certainty as the Critical Steps to Success

Man climbing the steps to success to make a positive change.

Certainty and authenticity are the steps to success; these go hand in hand to create the results you are looking for. Certainty is assurance—the belief you have in yourself and your abilities. Authenticity is the process of living as your true self. In other words, it is who you are—no fakeness, lies, or facade—just you!

Steven Kuhn’s 5 Keys to Success (Don’t Make The Mistake!)

Keys to success

Steven Kuhn shares his five keys to success for any entrepreneur. Don’t get used to receiving impact; reciprocate the value. Tell people in your life how you feel about them, and do not tie yourself down running day-to-day operations. There is someone who can help with that!

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