How to Use Video on LinkedIn

Video Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is a powerful way to connect with professional relationships. LinkedIn is the “no silly cat meme” oasis of social media and is mainly about professional connections and education.

Video is a powerful way to humanize and personalize your brand.

Combined together, video and LinkedIn are powerful way to create great content that attracts your perfect customer.

How To Better Network at Events


In this article, Ramon Ray, small business expert and author of Celebrity CEO gives his best tips on how you can better network at events.

Events are powerful ways to grow your business. However, maximize your time at the event, don’t just attend and sit in the seat.

9 Ways To Get Attention for Your Business


Getting attention for your business in front of the customers who can buy from you and need your service is ap powerful way to generates ales. Don’t focus first on the sale. First focus on getting the attention of those who have the problem that need your solution. Here’s how you can get attention for your business and brand.

Our Life Experiences Can Teach Us Powerful Lessons In Life

Old woman sharing her life experiences

Life experiences can be a powerful source of learning and personal growth. Through our life experience, we can gain new perspectives, garner valuable insight, develop new skills, and come to understand ourselves and the world around us in a grounded manner. In this way, it can be a crucial source of resilience and strength for us to draw inspiration from.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Will You Grow or Will You Stay the Same?

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Will You Grow or Will You Stay the Same?

Limiting beliefs can often leave you frustrated, as you may find yourself dwelling more frequently on your limitations and shortcomings. Ask yourself: Will you grow or will you stay the same? Consider if you’re willing to reset your mind to turn your life around and grow. Be intentional – it’s possible to overcome limiting beliefs with effort and determination.

Personal Branding Action Plan: 7 Effective Ways to Make Your Video Viral 

Business folks sharing viral videos

Video content, when strategized the right way, can help scale your business to unprecedented heights. But what makes a video viral, and how can you create a system around it so you can replicate the format every time? These tips can help. Consider how you want to be perceived at the next level, and set out to achieve that.

The Little Things Matter: How to Succeed in Business

Business man pointing out little details of business success to his mentee

People often talk of glamorous things when discussing business success, but the truth is the little things matter most. They can serve as an edge that takes you above your competitors and subsequently place you on the path to more success. The glitz and the glamour come only after you have built a strong foundation for your business.

Consistency is Key: How Being Everywhere Can Help You Build Trust 

High five between a consistent female trainee and her instructor

There is a saying about being famous to your cousin, which means that we may not be known globally, but we are known to the ones that need us. We are in a world where trust is imperative. Build trust and relationships to gain attention. We are trying to gain attention to ourselves, so we can serve.

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