Understanding Price vs Value: 7 Steps to Devise a Competitive Pricing Strategy for Your Business

Business men discussing :competitive pricing strategy

A competitive pricing strategy can do wonders for your business, in terms of attracting customer attention, boosting your market share, and improving your company’s profitability. Your value proposition should be reflected in your pricing. Knowing your worth and setting the right price based on a competitive pricing strategy can be instrumental in running a successful business.

Mindset Goals to Set For Yourself: 7 Tips to Make A Massive Physical Transformation

Different ladies with different body transformations

To build a better you this year, you must know the right goals to set for yourself. The best diet, weight loss plan, or transformation tip is the one you can stick to. It doesn’t matter what you are doing; if you can’t stick to it, it’s useless and won’t help you achieve your goals for weight loss or become a better you.

How to Get Out of a Funk

Man trying to get out from a funk; His own head

We all feel stuck sometimes, but the question is how to get out of a funk when we realize we are in one. Try to step out of your situation and analyze it objectively. When feeling in a funk, try these seven tips.

7 Benefits Of A Social Sabbatical: Taking a break from social media

Phone with different social media apps opened

A social sabbatical can have beautiful effects on your life. Quality time with the people you love is critical. Taking a break from social media will make your brain feel healthier and less burdened. A social sabbatical can increase your productivity and help you focus on what matters.

7 Free Gifts You Can Give This Season to Show You Care

Packaging of free gifts to show a form of care

Make someone’s day unforgettable by trying out one of the seven free gifts to show you care. Growth is the by-product of building genuine relationships. There is value in having the right circle. Share your knowledge, resources, and connections. You will stand out by making someone’s life easier.

Seven Ways to Practice Gratitude to Expand Your Life

ways to practice gratitude for expansion

There are several ways to practice gratitude; each can help refocus you on your journey. Be grateful for all things. You need to smile even in difficult situations. Giving your time is one of the most priceless gifts you can give to another person. Encourage and uplift those around you.

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