5 Ways to Lead Life by Design: You Are the Artist of Your Own Life

Lead your life by design - You are the artist of your own life

When experts, coaches and leaders tell you it’s possible to lead a life by design, they aren’t lying. Designing your life is a creative process, and you are the artist of your own life. You can design your life—one that fits your personal vision and values by being creative, taking responsibility, being flexible, and seeking fulfillment.

Benefits of Creativity at Work and Its Role in Improving Employee Engagement

Group of happy people representing how creativity at work aids in improving employee engagement.

Creativity in the workplace is an essential ingredient for innovation, problem-solving, and job satisfaction. When employees are encouraged to be creative at work, they are more engaged, feel more connected to the organization’s mission, and are more likely to stay with the company long-term. Thus, creativity at work really does matter when it comes to improving employee engagement and boosting employee morale.

Pursue Your Passion: 7 Myths That Stop People From Following Their Passions

A teacher who is a passionate about her job

Life is an opportunity for you to find your passion and pursue it. Yet, we stop ourselves from pursuing our dreams due to our self-limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs and myths are just excuses that we resort to, in order to avoid taking action and living the dream. Here are 7 myths that may be holding you back in life:

What’s Your Mindset: 3 Steps to Start The New Year Off Right

Having the right mentality to take the right step

What’s your mindset for 2023? Most of us wish to start the new year off right. For this to happen, you have to believe wholeheartedly that you can make it happen. You need to make the most of your life while it is rife, and thus every new year is the best year to work toward fulfilling your purpose.

Embracing Uncertainty: Learning to Trust Yourself and Stop Resisting

Man facing different questions and is uncertain about what to do

Acceptance is letting every situation be what it is instead of what we think it should be. We get trapped in the cycle of wishing our experience/situation/present moment was different than what it is. We don’t realize how often we miss the magic or the lessons in front of us because we are too busy wanting it another way.

Choose Your Hard: Embracing the Messy Middle to Overcome Challenges in Life

Man in the middle of a book mess

All of us inevitably come to a place along the journey where we face a strong temptation to second-guess and overthink the next move. This is the messy middle, where we face our biggest challenges, blocks and fears.
You get to choose your hard. Choose the hard path that enables you to chase your dreams and fulfill your purpose.

6 Unproductive Things to Let Go of to Create Space for New

Anonymous hand letting go of held previously held sand

We all have things to let go of, be it unproductive habits, negative traits, or patterns that do not serve us any longer.

We need to know how to let go: when we do that, we create space not only to breathe but to accept the things that truly bring more useful growth into our lives.

7 Ways to Have Your Best Year Ever: Live Life to the Fullest

A happy couple outside the sun having their best year while living life to the fullest

As the year draws to a close and whenever the arrival of a new year is around the corner, it is only natural that we begin to reflect on ways to live life to the fullest.
Before you move forward to embrace your future self, remember to celebrate your wins. Always ask for support and help when you need it.

Be Unstoppable: 5 Ways to Be More Perfectly Yourself

Be unstoppable by being more perfectly yourself

How can you be unstoppable by being more perfectly yourself? Reflect on what makes you unique, what your secret sauce is, and how you can channel your passions in a way that makes you unstoppable in your journey.

Being yourself can make you successful. When you lean into your brilliance, that’s when you feel the most fulfilled and passionate about the life you are living.

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