3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Hire a Life Coach

two men pondering over questions to ask yourself before you get a mentor

Before you get a mentor, the least amount of preparation you need to do is prepare some questions to ask yourself and do some self-evaluation. Regardless of the number of times you fail, be determined to get up and get a mentor to help you grow, because you love yourself. Know that you deserve to be best version of yourself.

What is Your Legacy: How to Be Intentional While Building Your Legacy

An enterprising woman pondering what is your legacy and why is it important to be intentional while building a legacy

What is your legacy, and what are your thoughts when you think of building a legacy? “Legacy” is the lasting impact that one leaves behind after they are gone. It can be personal, professional, or cultural and can include contributions to the world, influence on others, or values passed down.

Rewire Your Brain With Grace: How Gratitude And Appreciation Can Change Your Life

Woman in the mood of gratitude and appreciation

Practicing gratitude and appreciation on a regular basis can rewire the brain in a number of ways. We often get caught up in negative thinking because something bad comes our way. Grace is feeling grateful for all the emotional events in our lives. Start practicing gratitude daily to rewire your brain, and watch how your entire life starts to transform.

How to Take Better Care of Yourself

SPA self careroutine taking place

The holidays are the perfect time to raise the bar and learn how to take better care of yourself by devising a self-care routine that suits you best.

Raise the BARS by devising effective boundaries, taking action, owning your reactions and engaging in self-gratification occasionally. Devise a self-care routine that suits your needs.

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