Keep Moving Forward: How to Live Through a Recession 

Businessman on a Skateboard Moving Forward Fast

Recessions can be challenging for everyone, but getting through them is centered on your creativity and ability to keep moving forward. Recessions usually come with a different reality, requiring you to do things differently if you want to live well through it. You are surrounding yourself with the right people to keep moving forward. You can leverage their connections, wisdom, and experiences.

Predictions for 2023 and How to Make it Your Best Year Yet

Man looking into the future to make predictions

Those who understand that they have the power to control their own destiny and take action to shape their own lives are the ones who will make 2023 their best year yet. Nobody is going to make a bigger impact on you than you can have on yourself.

Commit to Yourself: The Power of Following Through

Pinky finger promise as a sign of commitment

We value commitments to ourselves less than we value those we make to others. To live a life you’re proud of, you need to build it for yourself. Each day we have a choice to make. We can either face the challenges ahead of us or let them hold us back from achieving our goals and serving our purpose.

Business Succeeds in Turning Things Around

A group of business minded individuals celebrating their success

To succeed in business, you must know one thing: businesses succeed in turning things around. Adversity makes you into who you are meant to be. The confidence you gain from overcoming it can’t be earned any other way. Nothing will give you a better return on investment than when you invest in yourself.

Take Charge of Your Life: Move with Self-Awareness

A man in charge moving forward with self awareness

Take charge of your life by repeating to yourself: “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me. We all have reasons that we can hold onto for not moving forward or toward the things that we want.
Evaluate if these reasons serve any purpose. Cultivating self-awareness allows us to move forward with a conscious plan.

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