The Things We Take For Granted: How to get through the lows of life

Woman feeling down finding it difficult to own up to her mistake

Sometimes we must be reminded of the little things we take for granted. Each day presents us with goodness and the gift of life. When life knocks you down, take consistent action to get back up. Don’t remain at your lowest point. Own up to your life. Lift your head, and move forward with modest, deliberate steps in the direction you know you must go.

Keep Pushing Your Business Onward: Twitter Spaces is the New Frontier 

Trainer holding climbing up a rope trying to push through

There is always more to do in business, new ways to grow, and things you can do to keep pushing yourself to the top. Twitter Spaces is the latest addition to social media. Although they’re still working out some kinks, now is the time to get involved and establish yourself as a leader in this new frontier.

Choosing a Word For 2023: What Words Can Set You Up For Improving Yourself?

Ignition thumb with 2023 imprint

We are all always growing and changing, which is why having a word for the year is critical to improving yourself and becoming your best self. We are all masterpieces in progress, and it’s vital that we never stop improving ourselves. By doing so, you can create your own happiness, feel fulfilled and live your best life.

Five Useful Lessons Learned in Life

Two grandparents teaching their young daughter their life experiences

Every day is a new day to take a lesson learned yesterday and put it to use today. Reflect on each lesson learned over this year. Instead of living a miserable life, judging every person or behavior, change the vibration into compassion and kindness. Reflect on each lesson learned over this year.

New Year, New You: Challenge Yourself For 2023

It's a new year

New year, new you. In the coming year, invest in yourself and let more people know you. You must understand that you always have something to bring to the table, so be more confident about your abilities. The more you express your abilities to the fullest, the more others get inspired and become better for themselves.

Rich vs Wealthy: The New Meaning of Wealth

Someone moving up the steps of wealth

What is the meaning of wealth? Often times, when people want to reflect on what to be thankful for, they tend to see things from the definition of wealth. Thanksgiving […]

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