Use Tech for Follow Up with Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Marketing funnels are an essential aspect of any successful business strategy. They allow you to guide potential customers through the buying process and ultimately turn them into paying customers. But, marketing funnels are not just about getting people to buy your products or services; they’re also about building relationships with your audience and providing them with valuable content that keeps them engaged.

How to Plan for Setbacks: Success Power vs. Willpower

A dejected woman lacking motivation after experiencing a setback

The new year has started, and we all have goals to reach by the end of December, but how do we prepare for setbacks? We all want to accomplish our goals and have the willpower to do them. You may have goals and want to change but don’t have the resources to help you. This is why a community is critical to reaching your goals.

Why Podcasting is a Must Have Marketing Strategy for Business Owners

ongoing podcast session

Podcasting is a serious business strategy that can help you grow your business and income. It provides an uninterrupted opportunity to connect with your audience and share your message. If you’re not already using podcasting in your business strategy and marketing plan, now is the time to start.

Overcoming Adversity: How to Define Your Purpose and Make Your Impact

Man pushing a big stone backwards in pain and suffering

Your legacy is defined by the impact you make on humanity and the world. But more than leaving your mark on the world, a legacy is about living with purpose. Our identity and the impact we leave are forged in pain and suffering. It’s in those moments of overcoming adversity that become the groundwork for your legendary story.

The Power of Stories: Building a Story Brand

A mum telling stories to her children

People fall in love with you, not what you do. Sharing our challenges can offer hope to people or your ideal audience in a similar situation. At the end of the day, you are the heart of your business. People will buy into you and who you are long before they buy into whatever you sell.

Achieving Teamwork Success: Many Hands Make Light Work

Several hands on the table with tech, symbolizing achieving teamwork success.

Contrary to popular belief, solopreneurship isn’t meant for you to be a slave to your business. The strength of a great leader lies in collaborating and delegating effectively.
How you feel emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically impacts everything else, and it needs to be made a priority. We can share the wealth by sharing the responsibility.

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