9 Ways To Get Attention for Your Business

The secret to generating sales in your business is not selling. It’s actually getting attention. Getting the attention of those who are your ideal customer.

They might not buy from you the first time, and it should not be expected, but they will eventually buy from you. After you get their attention and capture their contact information, the next step is to educate them to build trust. As this trust is built you then have earned the right to have them buy from you.

You have a solution to their problem, right? You just need to nurture them to get the solution from you, and not someone else.

What are some ways you can get attention?

Self promote

The power of self-promotion is amazing. It’s about not waiting for someone else to promote or highlight you, you do it yourself. Recently SXSW did not accept one of my suggestions for a panel. Guess what? I self-promoted, using a big headline “SXSW Didn’t Accept Ramon’s Panel”. Sounds funny right? But guess what – it got a lot of comments and let people know that Ramon is out there!

Use good graphics

One simple way to get attention is to use good graphics. It can be funny graphics, like a meme. But what about something that’s a professionally done image of you at the train station or a well-designed graphic for an upcoming event?

Create and produce events

Producing an event is a powerful way to get huge attention for your brand. Most small business owners don’t do big events, but you can. I produced the Small Business Summit in New York City for many years, it propelled my brand in the NY market, having big names like Seth Godin, as the headliner.

Create your own podcast or other show

Being consistent and producing content on a regular basis is another way to get attention and keep attention. At first the audience might be small, but keep at it. Learn. Practice, Produce a good podcast, live video or other regular “show”.

Blog on a regular basis

You can use a traditional blogging platform like WordPress, or blog on LinkedIn, Medium, Substack or other tools. Blogging, and using a good headline, gets you not only attention but builds trust. Also, Google (now ChatGPT) loves blogging – it feeds their search engine algorithms. The more you blog the more you educate and build your digital presence.

Send a regular email newsletter

Email marketing is a way to keep in constant contact with your community. Whether they are current customers or future customers an email newsletter keeps your name in front of them and when they’re ready to buy, or buy again, they will.

Buy advertising

Buying advertising on Facebook or banner ads on a website is a great way to keep your brand in front of someone. Using re-targetting you can keep your brand in front of someone and digitally follow them around the internet until they buy from you.

Attend events and ask smart questions

Attending events is a great way to “show up” and stay in front of your ideal customer or just peers in your industry. Don’t just attend the event, but be fully present, add value, network. One neat way to get authentic attention at an event is by asking questions of the speakers during the question and answer time.

Sit next to the mic, if their is one in the audience. Be quick, to jump up and stand in line, even if you have to wait. Don’t give a long self-promotion about yourself. Ask a smart and engaging question – event speakers, hosts and the audience will notice you!

Add value everywhere you can

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