Are you Building an Empire or Destroying One?

Wherever you find yourself, whether you know it or not, you are either building an empire or destroying it. What an empire means to you might be different, but at the end of the day, whether you like it or not, an empire-building process is going on. If you don’t know that you are building an empire, you are destroying what you could have built. 

By not building what could have been, you are robbing the world of what you could have shared. You are robbing the world of YOU. Not only is this unfair, but it is also a shame to the person you were destined to be. Understanding how to succeed in business starts with your desire to build an empire. Your empire will be your success.

The keys to Building an empire:

Morning Routines

It is critical to have a good morning routine. How you start your day has a lot to do with how the rest of the day will go. Some people may choose to set many tasks for the mornings, or you can create a simpler plan. You have the free will to build the morning routine that works for you. However, the key remains that you ‘wake up early.’ 

Some options to add to your morning routine include: 

  • prayer
  • gratitude messages to friends and families
  • exercise
  • meditation
  • cleaning
  • daily goal planning

Get the morning right. Get the day right. Start your mornings off right to build an empire you can be proud of.


Another crucial element that can help you build an empire consciously is to delegate. You cannot do everything yourself. How to succeed in business is knowing when and how to delegate tasks appropriately. Trying to is not just impossible, but also suicide for your business and mental health. 

The trick is to hand out things you can outsource so that you can have time to focus on other valuable items. Note that you should not outsource to get lazy but to work smarter.

Pick your Fights

Every day, you’ll be faced with conflicts and negative emotions. But you have the choice to pick which you focus on. Some conflicts are completely distracting – out to tear down your empire. However, others are positive conflicts that help you grow and evolve. Choose which you focus on wisely.

Consciously decide every day

If you knew your decision today has the power to make or mar your future, what decision would you make today? Every day, we face choices; yay or nay, go or stop, ask or don’t ask. Whatever choice you are faced with, choose wisely, knowing that what you pick today will affect your empire positively or negatively.

Lean on your support system

Finally, know that all this can be overwhelming. Building an empire is challenging, but it is how to succeed in business. With a strong support system – your family, your friends, or even your mentors- you can face each day with a more solid foot on the ground. 

Building an empire starts today.

Success is your duty, your responsibility, and your obligation. The bigger the conflict, the bigger the fight, and the more gigantic the resolution. Pick your battles and stay focused on the goal of building an empire. Don’t let small things bother you. Every day, you are either building or destroying an empire with your actions, decisions, routine, and what you spend your time doing? 

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