Activate Your Greatness: Bring Your O.N.E. Thing to Forefront

What is the secret sauce that makes you unique and special? What is the one ingredient you need to activate your greatness?

Activate your greatness by highlighting your O.N.E thing

Here’s the O.N.E. thing that can separate the best from the rest:

O: Ordering your steps.

You are your own person; nobody else should order you around or dictate your steps. Sometimes, when you are a powerful leader, you are going to be standing by yourself. Oftentimes, what you believe is not going to be the most popular. At other times, you have to be willing to stand up and take whatever bullets come your way because you remember why you are doing it. Know that your steps are already ordered, and leave the worry to the side. Take control your success!

N: Never give up.

We’re all on a mission here; who has time to give up? We get stuck in our heads and forget that we have the tools right in front of us. When you know you’re great and stand firm in that and your purpose, the people around you will notice, even when you’re not feeling your best. Never giving up can make you stronger. 

E: Exercise your mind, your body, and your spirit.

You have to stay in motion and keep fueling your body, mind, and spirit so that you can keep moving and doing the things that you are here to do.

Takeaway: Activate your greatness

It’s about bringing the one thing to the table; that’s what activates your greatness and separates the best from the rest. You have to know it, you have to believe it, you have to trust it, and you have to say it to yourself over and over. In the words of Walker, “Nothing can stop me from being the best. Even when I fall down, I am still better than the rest.”


  • Be great because you are great.
  • You have to walk, talk, and behave with your gifts. 
  • I Am” is the most powerful command statement there is. It can be used to empower you or disempower you, so you need to be careful of what you attach to the end of it.
  • Repeat to yourself: “I am allergic to average.”

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