Achieving a Success Mindset: Qualitative Change Versus Quantitative Change

Success does not happen by accident; to set yourself up for success, you must have a success mindset. The trick is to work smart, not hard. We have been told all our lives that hard work is all it takes to become successful. However, most people don’t know that hard work as a quantitative change will only end in misery and confusion. We set ourselves up for success when we think about hard work as a qualitative change.

Dre Baldwin discusses helpful insights on the difference between qualitative and quantitative change and how their distinction matters to your success.

When faced with a challenge, we default to what we know: 

Many people fall prey to the fear and mental laziness that comes with challenges. Unfortunately, when people think they are doing something different or changing their strategy, they are not actually changing anything. When things are not going well, we want to do more of what we already do. This is a quantitative change. 

We have all been programmed by our parents, school, and media to do the same things better, harder, and stronger when the outcome is not the desired outcome. That has blinded our vision and made it impossible to differentiate what is not working from what is. People need to quit their slumber and ask themselves what needs to honestly change for a better 2023.

The big changes made in life are qualitative, not quantitative: 

Most of the time, the giant leaps we take that lead us to the outcome we want are qualitative changes. Qualitative means using a different approach to doing something, not working harder. 

The first step to a success mindset is to open your mind to question what you are doing. To be able to make qualitative changes, you must incorporate the correct formulas to obtain your desired outcomes. In making qualitative changes, asking the right question also matters. The right questions provide you with the right insights to better face challenges. 

Remember, asking the right questions does not suggest the answer is easy to find. However, insights produced from asking the right question will guide qualitative changes. Lastly, ask yourself the questions that will build a more diligent mind to work less physically.

The juxtaposition of qualitative and quantitative change: 

Most people only focus on quantitative change. Unfortunately, it has been ingrained into our brains by our current world. It’s not all about working hard; sometimes, it’s about changing the narrative. The goal is to work smart, not hard. 

There are a lot of hard-working people that are unsuccessful because they operate with the wrong formula. Most people focus on doing better and double down on what they already know. The most significant changes always result from quality rather than quantity. To reset yourself to a success mindset, you must be ready and willing to challenge this formula society has taught us.

The wrong formula we have all been taught all our lives: 

  1. Hard work will lead to success.
  2. If you are good at what you do, everything will work out. 
  3. Believe in yourself more, and you will achieve more success. 
  4. You deserve it if you earn it. 

These are all quantitative statements. Forget them. Being quantitative means, you compete with the whole world. The problem with putting yourself in competition with the entire world is that there is always someone better than you out there. 

That is why it is essential to know that every one of us was born unique, even though we were socialized and made to be more like others. If you focus on your uniqueness, you can build a qualitative mindset. It’s easier for you to show how different you are than how better you are.

Your mental approach affects how you see and do this: 

When you do better and work harder, you become miserable. Instead of changing the direction and using a new approach, you are burning out on a formula that doesn’t work. You have to work smart, not hard. 

When you question what you are doing, you will see how to think differently about what you are doing and create new approaches. You will begin to see and do things based on the success mindset. 

The trick for qualitative change: We are emotionally attached to our comfort zone: 

Qualitative change requires you to divorce yourself from your comfort zone. When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, significant changes happen. As we grow, we get deep into our comfort zone because we do not want to face the harsh reality of life. That is why some people are emotionally unavailable for these effective changes. Divorce the mediocre thoughts you are comfortable with and step into the new realm of being uncomfortable to make the change.

The takeaway: Creating your success mindset.

To open your mind to a success mindset, you must be mentally diligent to not become stuck in your comfort zone. Challenge your mind to work smart, not hard, by taking a different approach. Condition success into your inner conscious mind. You are unique, so sell your uniqueness. Step out of your comfort zone mentally, emotionally, and physically to achieve life’s wholeness.

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