How to Achieve Breakthroughs and Grow as a Champion – Because You Can

Most of us are looking for breakthroughs toward success, be it for growing our business, achieving a goal, fulfilling our purpose or making our vision a success. However, most of us are also stopped by self-doubt and uncertainty. About 8% individuals ever succeed in taking action toward fulfilling their dreams. What sets them apart, and how can you be in this 8%? To achieve success, you need to trust the process and keep putting in the work. Because you can achieve whatever it is that you set your mind toward achieving.

A breakthrough is a significant and often unexpected advancement or discovery that leads to a substantial and positive change or transformation. Breakthroughs are typically characterized by a significant shift in perspective, a sudden realization, or a unique idea that changes the way things are understood, done, or approached. It may involve overcoming a long-standing obstacle or finding a solution to a persistent problem.

At the core of a breakthrough, however, lies the belief that you can achieve whatever you wish to, because you can.

Here are some lessons from today’s episode, “Because You Can,” of the Breakfast with Champions Show on YouTube, centered on achieving breakthroughs and growing as a champion:

Define your core values.

To achieve breakthroughs, it’s important to know who you are and what drives you.

For example, TM Hyman shared his core values as follows:

  • Doing whatever it takes
  • Model excellence
  • Being “at cause,” or being accountable and responsible for our own actions and goals.
  • Seek to serve
  • Live big

While Dr. Tanjie shared hers as

  • Leading with purpose: it’s important to know who you are and where your purpose leads you.
  • Faith: Faith anchors you and gives you direction.
  • Serving humanity with love and compassion
  • Health, fitness, and wellness: Your body is your vehicle for enabling you to achieve your purpose.
  • Positivity, always

Achieve breakthroughs: Your attitude determines your altitude.

Your attitude plays a significant role in determining your altitude, meaning the level of success or achievement you can reach in life. A positive attitude can uplift you, motivate you, and propel you towards greater heights, while a negative attitude can hold you back, limit your potential, and hinder your progress.

When in doubt, think about your top 10 accomplishments or abilities that make you unique and expand on them. Allow yourself to lean on these to make better decisions while eliminating negativity and self-doubt. You have the power to choose your attitude. Joy is a choice, and so is doubting your capabilities. Choose to step out of your comfort zone and embrace certainty to scale in life.

Creating value with “The Shift”— Glenn Lundy and Kim Walsh Phillips  

Kim Walsh Phillips, a renowned speaker and business strategist, reveals that 92% of business owners face overwhelm and burnout at some point in their careers. She further explains how her book The Shift: How to Scale Your Business and Multiply Your Wealth Without Sacrificing You helps small business owners create impact they desire without sacrificing their personal lives or suffering from burnout.

The richest people in the world don’t work for pay by the hour because they are creating value even while they sleep. Wondering how they accomplish this? Here are some insights you can implement in your life:

  1. Start by thinking about how you can create value for others while fulfilling your purpose.
  2. Be present and mindful. Understand that your health is as important a contributor to your success and wellbeing, as your mental health and business are.
  3. Believe that you can have it all – The belief that we need to sacrifice our personal lives and peace of mind to achieve success has been ingrained in our minds. This self-limiting belief prevents us from enjoying the gifts of the present and being happy in a guilt-free manner. Start by believing that you can have a fulfilling personal life as well as a rewarding career.
  4. Start with a small habit that helps you expand your business – For example, if you wish to grow your business’s email list or the number of subscribers on your Facebook or YouTube channel. Start by listing 5 small actions that are doable each day that will help you achieve this goal. Now make it a daily habit and build these habits into your daily routine.

Take action now, because you can

Most of us dream of achieving our purpose and creating value for others. However, Marcus Black, a renowned motivational speaker and life coach, reveals that only 8% of us ever take action on a consistent basis toward achieving that dream.

Implementation is greater than Information and Inspiration

It’s true that information is wealth, and that knowledge makes you powerful, but without action, information is rendered useless. Your notebook full of valuable notes isn’t much good if you don’t take action now. The same is the case with inspiration. Great leaders who have an impact and create value for others can inspire you. However, inspiration doesn’t last very long, especially in the absence of timely action.

Implementation is what really matters. Take action now on your goals and dreams to make them come true. 

Create paradigm shifts: from being a “watcher” or a “wisher,” to a “worker.”

Watchers simply watch and maybe assemble a lot of knowledge, but being a watcher and a wisher doesn’t really help you accomplish anything. Don’t be a watcher or a wisher. Rather, be a worker. Work toward making your goals, dreams, and purpose a reality. Your vision doesn’t transform into reality by merely “watching” or “wishing”. Instead, be a worker. Define your goals. Next, break them into small, actionable, measurable parts, and build a discipline around taking action on these goals on a consistent basis. Being a worker and working on your dreams bit by bit while implementing your information takes you closer to your dreams. When in doubt, learn to trust your abilities and your process, and go with the flow. Be a worker and achieve your goals, because you can. Simply put one foot in front of another and take action now—this is the secret to success.

Be a champion to achieve breakthroughs.

Susie Miller starts by relating a story by Price Pritchett, the change management expert. Pritchet recalls how he witnessed a trapped fly that was flapping incessantly on a window in an attempt to escape. A tiny being, channeling all its energy into its single-minded determination to get out. However, upon inspecting the place, Pritchett also noticed that if only the fly changed its direction and flew a short distance, there was an easier, more convenient way to escape in the form of an open door. The moral of the story is that, sometimes there’s an easier way to achieve breakthrough by just changing your direction. When faced with an impossible situation, it’s best to pivot, explore your options and look for a better, more approachable remedy. Try thinking, “Is there an easier way to seek a breakthrough?”

Paradigm shifts are essential for success and breakthroughs.

We’ve always been told to try harder until we succeed. However, trying harder isn’t always the best solution; in fact, it actually may kill your chance of achieving success. Try to reroute your thought process and pave an easier way to achieve breakthroughs in difficult scenarios.

Our inner beliefs fuel our conscious mind toward how we take action and achieve our dreams. If we stop acting by default and pause to rethink our actions, we activate our intuition and give rise to new possibilities. When faced with adversity, pausing and pondering an alternate course of action is often the wiser way to achieve the much-needed breakthrough.

Takeaway: Be a champion, because you can

Breakthroughs often require creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and persistence, and they can result in profound changes that have a lasting impact. Breakthroughs can manifest in different ways, such as a scientific discovery, a technological innovation, a breakthrough in personal growth or self-awareness, a business strategy or approach, or a breakthrough in overcoming a challenge or adversity. They can be the result of focused effort, experimentation, risk-taking, collaboration, and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking. But they require you to believe in your capabilities because you can achieve breakthroughs if you take action now and every day, consistently.

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