8 Types of Marketing and Sales Strategies for Long Term Planning

There are several types of marketing and sales strategies you need to know about before you can create a plan. First, you must look at both as long-term strategies, not short-term ones. When examining the end of the year, think about where you are now and where you want to be. Marketing is the actions you take to drive customers to buy your product. Sales are the flow of transferring the product to the customer.

What is Marketing? 

Marketing is focused on large-scale groups. It’s a 1-to-infinity relationship to share who you are and what you offer. What do your customers need, how do they buy, when do they purchase, and what can you do to help them? 

Different types of marketing: 

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has grown over the last few years. It is focused on individuals with large followings who endorse different products. 

2. Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is building relationships with your audience before “selling” anything. A great example of this is the Clubhouse podcast. 

Listeners build relationships with the presenters and, over time, may become customers. 

3. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is hard to control. You never know what will go viral, but it can always hit. When something goes viral, you want to make sure you can keep the momentum going. 

4. Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is when you bombard the market with your advertising, hoping something will stick. Sometimes something can become viral when you are guerilla marketing.

5. Keyword Marketing

Keyword marketing focuses on keywords to increase your website’s traffic. 

6. Green Marketing

Green marketing focuses on products and companies that do what they can to protect the environment. 

7. Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is ads placed outside the company to bring customers to you. Examples include tv or radio ads, displays, events, or online ads.

8. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing involves people coming to you through email lists, blogs, content, and Web design.

What is Sales? 

Sales should be focused on the product. This is a small one-to-one relationship. What does the company need, how much should you charge, and how do you manufacture the product?

Types of salespeople

  • The Hunter goes out to find customers. They go out for the kill. They are only focused on bringing customers, making the sale, and then moving on to the next.
  • The Farmer strives to cultivate a relationship, looking to develop a relationship to create a repeat customer. 
  • The Trapper sets traps for customers to “fall into” and bring the customer to the trapper, who then closes the deal. 

Types of sales: 

  • Passive sales: You can also make sales passively by talking about yourself and your company, putting it out there, and waiting for people to come to you. 
  • The Opener: Opens the sale for customers by making them realize they want the deal. 
  • The closer: This can sometimes be the opener, but the person who closes the deal and makes the sale after the opener starts the conversation. 
  • Networker: Networkers go out there and build relationships with people, turning into sales. 
  • Specialist: This is customer support. Customer support Has become a key component in developing sales. 
  • Conversationalist: Someone who can talk to people about what they want, what they need, and what they do and then bring them into the deal or refers them to a better fit.

What type of marketing or sales work best for you?

Start to look at yourself and your tools. The more you understand yourself, you can look at these types of marketing and sales strategies, and you can focus on them and grow yourself and your marketing and sales departments and grow. 

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