8 Lessons Learned from the Lives of Successful People: Supercharge Your Year and Life

Learning from successful people can be an effective way to gain insight, knowledge, and inspiration. Most of us look at the new year as a chance to start fresh and create a trajectory for a new life. But transformation doesn’t come on its own. You have to make a conscious decision to succeed. 

Making better decisions may require you to “sever” the unimportant aspects of your life. Those are the things that are keeping you distracted from pursuing your full potential. Successful people often present a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can expose us to innovative ideas and new ways of thinking. Surrounding yourself with successful people can prime your mind toward making better decisions and achieving your goals faster.

Making better decisions: How successful people think

Big decisions are what lead to transformational shifts in our lives. Now is the time to decide what changes you want to make in 2023. If there is one big strategic move you want to make this year that would change your life forever, what would that move be? 

These 8 core questions can help you think like successful people and recreate your future:

  1. Let go and re-envision

What do you need to cut off from your life that is not serving your vision? The most successful people in the world ruthlessly analyze what’s working and what’s not working for them. 

  1. Celebrate your wins

What gave you joy this past year? We will never fully enjoy the result before we’ve embraced the journey. 

  1. Back up your vision with consistent action

Are you ready to make the first move on the things that are truly important to you? Now is the time to take intentional action. Don’t sit down and passively wait for good things to happen. We can all be passive in certain areas, but we need to be active in the areas that are important to us. 

  1. Make learning an ongoing process

So what can you do this year to elevate your skill set? The most fulfilled people are always working on growing their skills. 

  1. Surround yourself with successful people

 Who can you cultivate a new relationship with that will help pave a new pathway for you? Putting yourself in the company of successful people can help you learn from their experiences and make better choices in your own life.

  1. Visualize the bigger picture

Imagine a crew following you around and filming you at all times. What would you not want it to see? Visualizing your growth can help you scale in life.

  1. Make your time count

What are the 1-2 main goals that will make your year epic? 

  1. Enrich your life with new experiences

What is the one experience that you want to have this year? The best things in life often come in the shape of experiences. 

Tapping into how successful people think to make better decisions 

As you go through and answer each of these questions, you speak into existence the destiny you want to create for yourself in 2023. You can create your own trajectory to a new life this year. All you need is the desire to do it, to be intentional, and to take action. 

You have to make sound decisions to succeed. Sometimes we get so busy doing things that we forget to focus on the bigger picture. We all get out of life what we tolerate. Tolerating certain toxic traits can dictate our results forever. Take a note of how successful people think and decide to eliminate the things that are not truly important to you from your life. 

Do not underestimate the power of the company you keep. Audit your circle. Surround yourself with successful people to transform the way you think and make decisions.

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