7 Benefits Of A Social Sabbatical: Taking a break from social media

Taking a break from social media may seem hard at first. However, sometimes it is necessary to be present and increase your quality of life. There are many benefits that you can gain from a social sabbatical.

7 benefits that you can gain from taking a break from social media.

1 Eliminate the time and energy suck

This is one of the biggest reasons why taking a break from social media is a good idea. Social media can be draining, so a social sabbatical will allow you to eliminate the time and energy suck. If your social media time is impeding your time at work and with your family, it might be time to take a break. 

2 Spend more quality time with the people you love

Social Media typically takes up a lot of our time. A social sabbatical will allow you to reconnect with your family and friends. When you take a break from social media, you can meet new people, reach out to old friends, and make new connections. Being present in your life is essential; we only have one life. 

3 Reduce brain fog

Much of our brain is devoted to worrying about social media. A sabbatical from social media will help you clear your head.

4 Learn to abandon the anxiety of followers and the fear of what people think 

Taking a break from social media can help you stop comparing yourself to others. Constantly comparing yourself to what you see on social media can bring negative thoughts and energy into your life.

5 It allows you to appreciate the beauty around you

Taking a break from social media allows you to see the world again. The beauty around you without the filter of a screen is amazing. Reconnect with it and find an appreciation for everything around you.

6 It will significantly reduce your stress

Social media can be a crucial source of stress for most people. A break will help you reduce that stress as you reconnect with the world and people around you.

7 Boost your mental health.

You can experience an overall boost to your mental health through a social media sabbatical. As previously stated, lowering your social media time can 

  • allow you to be more present
  • notice the wonder in the world around you
  • stop the flow of negativity through Comparision
  • reducess stress. 

Take a social sabbatical and be present in your life today.

Reach out to 10 people and let them know how much they matter. Detach yourself from anything you can gain from these people. Only focus on what you can give them, no matter how small it is. Do not think about what you can get from giving.

An empty cup cannot pour into a single soul. You will get what you want if you help enough people get what they want. A social sabbatical can have beautiful effects on your life. Quality time with the people you love is critical. Taking a break from social media will make your brain feel healthier and less burdened. A social sabbatical can increase your productivity and help you focus on what matters.

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