6 Steps to Becoming an ‘In-Flow-Encer’: Surround Yourself with Good People

One interaction with someone can change the trajectory of your life, which is why it is critical to surround yourself with good people. We have different reputations with different people. You need to accept that people will perceive you in different ways. Stop trying to change how these people perceive you because you can’t control it.

Why honesty is important in bringing positive people to you.

Let go of the need to be anxious, resentful, inferior, superior, or offended. Try to align yourself with people who will tell you the truth and be willing to hear it. These people should also be willing to accept the truth from you. In most cases, people like this are ready for growth.

Telling the truth can sometimes mean addressing uncomfortable topics, but it is necessary to build stronger relationships. But if you surround yourself with good people, they can appreciate the truth. People often lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, but there are times when you hurt people more by not telling them the truth. 

How to surround yourself with good people 

Be an in-flow-encer instead of an influencer. An in-flow-encer spreads the flow, while an influencer spreads the flu. By drawing positive people to you, you will be surrounded by positive energy and a sense of fulfillment. 

The 6 Steps to Being an In-flow-encer

1 Appreciate everything and everyone. 

Appreciate everything around you. To appreciate means to add value. Appreciate the present and everything you have at this moment.

2 Acknowledge everything in your life.

This involves acknowledging the light, the love, and the lessons that can be taken from each situation. 

3 Give as much as you receive.

There isn’t a transactional relationship between giving and receiving. Giving and receiving work hand in hand. When you give, everyone gains. 

4 Avoid making assumptions. 

You can clear your mind of assumptions by having daily practices. Align your actions with what you want to achieve in the future. Cancel negative assumptions that interfere with your energy.

5 Believe in your potential. 

We all have unlimited potential. Our greatest fear is not that we can’t but that we can. This is because we struggle to understand that we have no limitations. 

6 Understand that “no” is just a word. 

To get better at receiving “no,” you must first identify the type of “no” you have received. There are closed-minded “no’s” and open-minded “no’s.” When you receive a close-minded “no,” you can give people the opportunity to accelerate their open minds.

Bring positive people into your life as an In-flow-encer.

Life is precious, so surround yourself with good people. Everyone deserves the best version of you. We learn more lessons when things are lost. You need to build a repository of lessons that resonate with you. The fastest way to get where you want to go is to ask someone for directions.

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