5 Ways to Share Your Story: When God Gives You A Message To S.H.A.R.E

When God gives you a message to share with the world, it’s not your message. If you don’t share your story, it will fall on someone else to share it. It is not about you but about the mission that was given to you. 

5 ways to share your story

So how do you share the message given to you with others? 

  1. Sit in the silence and listen. 

If you don’t take time to pause after you read or pray, how can you ever hear what God has planned for you? Do you pause after you’ve read something to hear what’s in store for you? After you pray or read, take 60 seconds to sit and reflect. Just stay in the silence and allow it to set. 

  1. Harvest the idea given to you. 

A mission was given to you because you are the one who can do it. Your mess from the past does not disqualify you from sharing your story. Your mess from the past actually qualifies you to share your message. This way, you can not only become someone’s message but also someone’s miracle. 

  1. Abandon what you know for where you are called to go. 

We can get so caught up in what we know that we lose sight of the impact we are meant to make. But if we are willing to step outside of our comfort zone and what we know, we could impact the whole world. 

  1. Reach others in their world. 

God is calling you to share the message right now because he needs you to do so.

  1. Embrace the goosebumps and enjoy the impact. 

If you do step forward, make sure to enjoy it. Kim believes that this “goosebump moment” is actually the Holy Spirit coming through you to give you the energy and inspiration to do it again.  

Takeaway: Share your story

It’s important to share your story. Finding commonalities with others helps us in leading happy and healthy lives. To you, your life may seem ordinary, but to others, it may seem extraordinary. Every story told is an example of resilience and an opportunity to make someone feel less isolated. 

Remember that:

  • It’s important to give yourself a daily gift of silence.
  • For us to reach new places and people, we have to be willing to go to places we’ve never been before.
  • Harvest the idea given to you so it can come through you and be shared by you.
  • When you harvest the idea that was given to you and go into the unknown, God will provide.
  • In that “goosebump moment,”  the Holy Spirit is embracing you and giving you the power to do it again.

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