5 Ways to Dress for Success: How to Match the Frequency of Any Room to Make an Impact

Dress for success to match the frequency of any room you enter, and better yet, to raise your frequency as well as that of the room. How you present yourself to the world determines your capability to make an impact.

If you find yourself to be the smartest person in the room, change rooms, according to Jay Shetty, as you’re clearly in the wrong one. While that sounds easier said than done, it entails more than just leaving one room and entering another. If you don’t have the right tools, you could become invisible in the next room and have no impact. 

How to match the frequency of any room to make an impact

Leading with confidence requires you to make the best first impression, be aware of your unique skills and capabilities, and take charge. 

Here are two steps that enable you to match the frequency in any room, and raise it effortlessly.

Step 1: First impressions matter; dress for success

Dressing for success doesn’t mean you are more concerned about your appearance. It means allowing people to see who you are and how you appear. It allows people to perceive you with the experience attached to your dress. 

What should you wear to success? There is no one-size-fits-all answer because everyone has different body types and shapes. What flatters one might not compliment the other. There are some rules and guidelines in dressing to make an impact.

  1. Use contrast colors: Dark colors are not flattering, except if you want to break the rule of fashion (but you have to do extra work). Instead, go for bright and dark colors to create a nice contrast. To play it safe, wear all black or white and black. 
  2. Let your body shop for you: Your body has natural curves that should be accentuated naturally in a dress. Instead of a sloppy jacket, let your suit fit at the waist and flow outward. For women, it’s advisable to shop as per one’s body type (apple, pear, rectangle, etc.).
  3. Pay attention to details: Some things are so small that they are overlooked, but they make a great difference. Iron your clothes all the time before you wear them. Use a minimal amount of jewelry. Let your shoes match your belt. Don’t wear brown shoes after 6:00 pm. 
  4. Go to a tailor: You might find a piece that fits right off the rack. However, when you go to a tailor, you are sure that the dress fits you in all the right places. Being mindful of what works in your favor and what doesn’t makes a world of difference. 
  5. Look around: Look at your surroundings to know what they are wearing. Don’t go with the flow; draw inspiration from others’ styles to create your own. That way, you will stand out, but not too far from the source. 

Step 2: Be certain of your abilities

Correct the notion that you have to know it all to be confident. You don’t have to know anything about a topic to close a deal or network with people. All you need is a desire to learn and advance in life. The secret is being certain of yourself and what you offer. Even knowing it all can backfire if you are not confident in yourself and certain of what you can control.

How to raise the frequency of any room: dress for success

Combine steps 1 and 2, and you are also set to match and even raise any room’s frequency. However, you can either walk alone with your shoulders raised like a snob or help others lift their spirits and match up to your frequency. Choose the latter; be humble. 


  • Why do we intuitively take a person in a suit more seriously than a person in a striped t-shirt and shorts? It is because of the perception we’ve attached to such dressing based on their experience. So dress for success, not to impress. 
  • Treat yourself like a 7-star luxury brand and visit a tailor. Observe different details and fits. 
  • Take care of how you look; allow others to see the best version of you through what you wear. You don’t have to dress like that all the time, but people should know your standards. 
  • You don’t need to know it all. Common sense and basic knowledge will work because you have stepped up their frequency with your dressing and are certain about what you can control. 
  • Labels can’t do all the magic, especially when you aren’t updated or confident about your unique flair. There’s more to what makes you stylish than well-fitted clothes and matching shoes!

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