5 Stages Of Devising an Effective Sales Strategy 

A skillfully devised sales strategy can be the key to identifying your potential customers and scaling your business to unprecedented heights. When you try to sell something, you’re really offering a solution to someone’s perceived problem. 

But how do you figure out what your customer wants and needs? How do you create a sales strategy that ensures consistent sales success?

Creating an effective sales strategy: five steps that ensure sales success

Ponder carefully about this: What would your sales and marketing strategy look like if it aimed to create significant growth for your business when consistently implemented by your company over the next few days?

There’s a 5-step sales process that can be applied to any industry:

  1. Start with a powerful greeting. Your greeting sets the tone of the whole conversation. You are a problem solver, and a powerful greeting helps you convey that fact immediately. 
  2. Figure out the customer’s needs. You do that by asking deep, focused questions.
  3. Present your solution. Don’t delve into the full pitch. Instead, focus on the aspects of it that might solve your customer’s problem.
  4. Give them an irresistible offer. You need to make sure they have all the information they need in order to make the decision.
  5. Close. In order to close a sale, you need to make sure that: 1) you are communicating with the decision-maker; 2) They have the financial resources 3) They are convinced that the deal is going to benefit them in some way.

Ensuring sales success: figure out your customers’ pain points

Even if the person’s energy changes during the conversation, make sure to maintain your positive energy. In this way, you show that you are 100% confident in your product and the benefit it would have for the person. Every person has a certain problem that needs to be solved, you just need to figure out what that problem is. Here are some questions that can help you in the fact-finding process:

  • If you did buy it or do it, do you think it would benefit you, and how? 
  • Do you have the financial resources to buy it?
  • If you bought this, would you use it to grow your business further?
  • Have you heard enough information to make a decision?

Takeaway: Developing a successful sales strategy

No matter what you are trying to sell – be it TVs, real estate, or books – you have to learn how to help people in the sales process. Your sales strategy will prove successful only when your product or service helps resolve your customers’ pain points.

Remember to:

  • Always start the conversation with a strong and memorable greeting.
  • Even if the energy of the customer fluctuates during the call, the energy of a good salesperson never changes.
  • Your goal as a salesperson is to figure out what the customer needs and wants.
  • Don’t delve into the whole pitch, but focus on the aspects that would benefit the person.
  • Give them the information they need in order to make a decision.

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