3 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Presence: Lean Into Being Seen And Heard

Today, you need a productive social media presence to find business success; but the question remains, how? Sometimes we hide in the shadows of our business so that others won’t see us. But the truth is, you can’t thrive when you stay offstage. You have immense potential to achieve what you desire; get noticed and it will happen.

First you have to believe in yourself.

Now is the time to become a celebrity in your space, industry, or niche. The question is: how do you come out from the shadows? The first thing you need to do is believe you can do it. You have to think big, expand your being, and put in a focused and consistent effort into becoming the person you want to be. To be a big player, you have to play a bigger game. 

Learn from others to get noticed.

Start watching other successful people, look at what they did to get social media presence. Once you do that, you’ll see they weren’t born into it. Just like you! Once you commit to getting known, it prompts many questions for you and for other people. As you answer each of these questions, others will validate you. This will empower you to keep going, and your confidence will rise. 

Everyone starts at Zero.

Humble beginnings often discourage people from taking action. But here’s the thing: you don’t need a huge following at the beginning. The beginning is the time for you to practice. You don’t need an audience. All you need is to start somewhere. 

Success doesn’t come right away, and that’s a good thing. But your social media presence will increase if you keep going and showing up. Even if you don’t have the credentials of a star yet, you need to believe you have what’s required to become one. 

Creativity is critical to build social media presence. 

And finally, lean into your imagination. You need to spark interest through creativity to get to get noticed on social media. When we were kids, we were so in tune with our own greatness that we could express it freely. As grown-ups, however, we must rediscover and tap into that innate confidence to be seen. 

Your imagination is there to guide you along the way. Starting today, challenge yourself to take 3-5 minutes every single morning to write a one-page story. The story should be about the person you desire to become. This exercise will take you to a whole new level of consciousness. 

The takeaway: Get noticed to build social media presence.

It’s not hard to build a social media presence. Let others see what you do, and share your business to the world through different social media channels. We’re the directors, scriptwriters, and producers of our own lives. But as we get older, we gradually forget that. 

As you lean into your creativity, your fears will disappear, and you will focus more on what’s truly important to you. Your attention will go to the things you desire. God gives you the tool of imagination and desire. So use it! Your job is not to judge or hold it but to explore it and share it with the world.

If you can imagine it, you can become it. Consistency is key. Some days you must push through the discomfort even if you don’t feel like it. Lean into creativity and figure out what you want, not what other people want. Your imagination is where God speaks to you. It can lead you to places you never thought you would go to. 

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