3 Simple Steps for Finding Your Voice and Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

If you want to become a great public speaker, information is key, but it’s not enough. Mastering the art of public speaking starts by finding your voice and backing up your passion with purpose.

The roadmap to finding your voice: 3 effective steps

We often feel overstimulated by all the information we are constantly exposed to. Next to information, you need transformation. The path to finding your voice is never an easy one, but it can be broken down into three manageable steps:

  1. Use adversity as fuel.

Life is always going to give you challenges, but it’s up to you what you do with them. What determines the level of satisfaction in your life is how you respond to the adversities that come your way. 

When successful people face adversity, they don’t quit or break down. Instead, they figure out how to use adversity as fuel. Don’t let adversity take you down. Instead, you can turn it into a lesson.  

  1. Overcome impostor syndrome. 

We’ve all been there: you are put in front of a group of people, and suddenly you feel like you are not good enough to speak up. When you feel underwhelmed by your public speaking skills, remember that you have a story to tell and that your purpose certifies you to do so. Nobody is an expert right at the beginning of their journey.  

You are put on this planet because you have places to be, people to see, and a story to tell. Your life experiences are the best thing you can share with the world. What qualifies you as a great speaker and a leader is your own story. That is something that no one can take away from you.

The reality is that there is no magic pill that can help you master the art of public speaking. No superhero will show up and open the door for you. And that’s okay, because you already have everything you need to achieve your vision by finding your voice.

  1. Follow a roadmap.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice what you want now in order to become what you want to be. Success is never easy. But most times, the formulas for success are simple. The formula for improving your public speaking skills consists of three components:

  • Be crystal clear on what you are passionate about. What is it that you are most passionate about in life? What would you do for the rest of your life, even without receiving a paycheck for it? This will help you find your voice and hone it to lead a purposeful life.
  • Develop your skills and your abilities. If you want to become a keynote speaker, you need to learn how to speak in a compelling way. Learn from a mentor, study the best in your niche, and then start practicing. Upskill yourself to find doors of opportunity opening up for you more frequently. 
  • Lean into your purpose, then start taking action. It is entirely up to you whether you win or lose.

Hone your public speaking skills by empowering yourself

Whatever you want to do, don’t wait passively for change to come. Baby steps are always better than no steps at all. So take that first step! Do the work, and you will yield the results. Make it happen because you can. You have to empower yourself. Nobody can do that for you. 

Successful people have three things in common: they have a routine, they practice gratitude, and they always live in the present moment. You have two choices: to sit with the pain or take it and convert it into fuel so you can help others. 

Don’t let anybody ever tell you that achieving your goals isn’t a viable option for you. Finding your voice becomes easier when you’re determined to fulfill your purpose.

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