Unlocking Your Full Potential. Understanding The Journey

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What do you think about when you think about unlocking your full potential? 

When I think about it, I realize that, throughout my entire life, I have always been striving for success.  I have always been pushing to get to the top of my craft no matter what it was that I’ve done…playing the flute in high school, being the best mom or growing my business. I invite you to dig a little deeper into your emotional intelligence to find your true inner strength. 

Five Skills You Need To Be A Good Leader

Winning mentality

Whether you hold a leadership title or not, you can still cultivate the skills of leadership that benefit others. You may or may not lead a business team, but you do have the opportunity to show up as a leader in other situations such as your church, your family, in a volunteer role, or in sports or academic endeavors.

Here are five ways you can show up as an excellent leader in any situation.

How to Use Video on LinkedIn

Video Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is a powerful way to connect with professional relationships. LinkedIn is the “no silly cat meme” oasis of social media and is mainly about professional connections and education.

Video is a powerful way to humanize and personalize your brand.

Combined together, video and LinkedIn are powerful way to create great content that attracts your perfect customer.

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