Why Your Networking is Killing Your Life & Business

networking the right way

How can you network the right way? Networking poorly can hinder your business and your personal life. Here’s how successful networking can connect to God’s design for you. Let this article help you network better – in business and life.

How To Network Beyond Business Cards and Shaking Hands


Networking is a powerful way to get business, build relationships and serve others. However, it’s so much more than business cards and shaking hands. Here’s a few days to enhance your next networking opportunity.

How To Live a Purposeful Life


Knowing our purpose can help us find more joy, satisfaction and meaning in life and can open the door to endless possibilities. When we have a purpose, we can face each new day with energy and enthusiasm, and strive to make the world a better place.

Build Confidence and Overcome Fear


Confidence and fear go hand in hand. If you have no confidence, you probably have a lot of fear. If you have a lot of confidence you have a lot less fear. What can you do to live life with with less fear and more confidence?

How To Acquire Equity In A Company With No Money Down

merger and acquisition

You don’t have to directly provide the solutions a company needs, you can identify others who can provide that solution. Your compensation can be in the form of equity in the companies and a finders fee. Building a good B2B referral system can be a powerful way to help others and bring in added revenue.

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