How to Improve Public Speaking: The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Glossophobia 

Man nervous about public speaking

Public speaking is an essential skill that can help you advance in your career and personal life. However, with 3 out of 4 people wondering how to get better at public speaking, we know that glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, is a serious problem. Learn how to conquer the fear of public speaking with the SPEAKER formula.

How To Move Through Stagnation And Stagflation

Business stagnation causing sadness

Stagnation is a state of not moving or flowing. Stagflation is a social science term coined during the recent recession crisis. Both terms reflect feeling stuck in life. Feeling stuck in life at some point or other is unavoidable. We all have the mechanism to control stagnation. So the question remains how to beat stagflation and stagnation?

How to Move Forward from Being Broken Hearted and Avoid Sabotaging Relationships

Broken hearted woman sad and depressed

When it comes to relationships, being broken hearted is sometimes a situation we can’t avoid. Sometimes, in our attempt to protect ourselves from getting hurt again, we end up sabotaging relationships on our own. Know that although healing takes time, you can heal your broken heart; you can change the narrative of that story, and thrive in life.

How to Focus on Yourself and Reach Your Goals

Focus on yourself

Reaching goals is a struggle many people face, but the trick is understanding how to focus on yourself. What do you want for yourself in the next six months? To transform your life and experience success, focus on personal development, then take action. With action, you’ll change everything and achieve your goals.

Pursue Your Passion: 7 Myths That Stop People From Following Their Passions

A teacher who is a passionate about her job

Life is an opportunity for you to find your passion and pursue it. Yet, we stop ourselves from pursuing our dreams due to our self-limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs and myths are just excuses that we resort to, in order to avoid taking action and living the dream. Here are 7 myths that may be holding you back in life:

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