7 Useful Tips to Help You Ace an Interview and Improve Your Cash Flow

A job interview process

Acing an interview is an outcome that most of us desire. Oftentimes we don’t know whether we can ace an interview, and that can cause stress and other adverse physical and psychological effects that are best avoided. Here are some tips and insights from experts on how to ace an interview, avoid or lessen stress, and improve your financial situation.

The Power of Conscious Discipline: 3 Discipline Strategies Tips

Disciplined man having push ups

Conscious discipline is hard and takes work, but it is needed to have a successful life. It requires you to have non-negotiable activities that you complete daily, no matter what. Following recommended strategies can help you achieve your daily results and ultimately help you to have a better life.

What’s your mindset: How to Get 2023 Off to A Good Start

Track runner taking off with a mindset to win

Having the right mindset to kick off the year determines the tone of the year for you. What’s your mindset in this new year? Improve your self-awareness and pay attention to what’s your mindset this year. Decide not to listen to or be around negativity, but rather to welcome positive conversations and be around positive people.

Personal Branding Action Plan: 7 Effective Ways to Make Your Video Viral 

Business folks sharing viral videos

Video content, when strategized the right way, can help scale your business to unprecedented heights. But what makes a video viral, and how can you create a system around it so you can replicate the format every time? These tips can help. Consider how you want to be perceived at the next level, and set out to achieve that.

One Day or Day One? Deciding on a Better Way to Live

Man making a decision to live right

Forget about the mantra “new year, new me.” What you’ll get in 2023 is not a new you but more of you. You have to change one day to day one to have a new year. It starts with reflecting on the past year and then deciding to start living a better life in 2023.

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