Embrace Your Power: It’s Up to You 

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Your world is built around every conversation you have – including the conversations with yourself. Consciously or unconsciously, it defines who you are, your thoughts, your reactions, your actions, and even your identity. While it might seem difficult to change what happens in the unconscious mind – it is not impossible.

Letting Go to Move On

Family moving on from their old house

What should you let go of in 2022? The answer? Everything must go. The lack of movement, the mediocrity, the lack of intentionality – everything. It needs to go to reach your goal. Until you let go, you cannot receive your healing. You cannot receive the freedom to move – to really move at the speed that you need to move.

Be a Light of Healing, Health, and Wholeness

A young girl with a shining light in darkness

As you start your day, week, month, or year, be a light to the world around you. You are the only you that ever was or will ever be. See for yourself who you are first, and know that you are powerful. You power is in how you see yourself. In the light, there is truth.

Morning Routines Set The Tone For The Day: Keep Grinding

Girl in pajamas stretching and observing her morning routine on bed

Morning routines are about survival. Concentrate on yourself and give yourself space to think. Start the day without work. It is easy for us to get up and jump right into work. Determine your plan for how to start a morning routine and start it! Don’t wait until next week. Do it now.

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