Commit to Yourself: The Power of Following Through

Pinky finger promise as a sign of commitment

We value commitments to ourselves less than we value those we make to others. To live a life you’re proud of, you need to build it for yourself. Each day we have a choice to make. We can either face the challenges ahead of us or let them hold us back from achieving our goals and serving our purpose.

Why Your Story Can Help Others: The Power of Storytelling

An old man telling his life's story to listening friends

Everyone’s story is unique, and yet every story has the power to help others. Your story matters. But what is your story? Your story is alive; it is not a resume or document filled with accomplishments and certifications. Your story is about what you learned, what you experienced, and how you responded to it.

The Magic of Stillness: How to Find Answers in the Silence

Man sitting in stillness meditating

Stillness speaks volumes if we let it – if we slow down to listen to that still small voice within us. There is power in stillness and knowledge in silence. Here are 6 reasons why stillness can be the answer to move you forward.

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